Tuesday, March 04, 2008

When did farm implements become weapons?

For those of you who have been diligently reading this blog, you'll remember that I once cited as ane xample fo the questions that I'd like answered: When did farm implements become weapons? I found the answer on BlackBeltMama's blog with a guest post by Kyoshi Heilman. And I quote/paraphrase....

Around 400 years ago, Japan began to assert control over the Island of Okinawa. One of the edicts forced the Okinawan people to turn over their weapons to the Japanese. .. The edict specifically ordered that "all weapons" be turned over to the authorities... Thus, ... "farm implements" ...underground ...training in the use and proficiency of these tools. Soon the weapons masters became a most feared force in the battle for political freedom, feared by the Japanese and idolized by the Okinawan people whose protectorate they were.

The article is lengthy, dense, and substantative. I recommend it. It also catalogs and describes the weapons including bo, chucks, and kama. The chuck, for instance...The Nunchaku, a harmless-looking object appearing more like a toy than a weapon, is believed to have been first used as a horse bridle.

Thank you Kyoshi Heilman and BlackBeltMama.



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