Friday, June 21, 2013

Four Months Without a Crisis

Just a quick update to tell me that I do intend to getting back to updating this blog.

On the last day of February, I had my sixth major back spasm in about 7 months which was when I decided enough was enough. The last one was caused by carrying my gym bag.  I made some major changes and so far, I'm a solid four months without a twinge or a spasm.  The big thing that I did was go into physical therapy focusing on building some flexibility in my hamstrings and my core intrinsic muscles. Basically, a lot of plank and bridges and leg lifts.  I also stopped with the martial arts (which I really miss) and switched to swimming, going to the gym, and I added tennis.

I'm now wondering if I should focus on tennis or whether I should give martial arts another try.
PS - I'm 55.