Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jiu Jitsu Self Defense Demo by Kyoshi Steve Lavallee

Note - here is a link to an updated post about Steve Lavallee.

About a decade ago, Kyoshi Steve Lavallee started training at the Gracie Academy in Miami. He has enjoyed it and incorporated some of it into our curriculum at the dojo.

Here's Kyoshi's demo of Jiu Jitsu self defense that he gave at a recent Black Belt Spectacular (Parker Playhouse, Broward County, Ft Lauderdale). Great stuff.




Steve said...

How cool is that? I've never seen a demonstration anything like that for BJJ. Very interesting!

For better or worse, I'm pretty sure that your instructor's style of BJJ training is exceedingly rare these days. Thanks for sharing.

WorldWarCheese said...


I am World War Cheese and a member of Bullshido.net. Steve Lavallee and his training in BJJ has been the topic of one the threads. I can give you the link to the topic and would like to have your input on the issue.

Thank you.

WorldWarCheese said...

Haha, sorry. I forgot to post the link!

Here it is: