Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kama Set Updated

Here's a new recording of Kama Set. Thanks to Mr. Mike.

A distinguishing feature of the kata is that it requires spinning back hook kicks which is a challenge for many.

One more interesting point before we start. All of our weapons are the ones that peasants trained on during a period when they were forbidden to have any weapons. So they trained with common farm implements. The kamas are basically scyths or harvesting instruments.

The Kama Set is from Taekwondo as is kama set two. Want more info on how our system blends different martial arts traditions?

KamaSet Write-up

"Kata""Kama set"
Bow "Osu"

Hard bow left - Right hand punchHard bow right- Left hand punch

Circle set

Horse stance left- Both hands in mantis position right hand about shoulder level left hand parallel.
Cross stance- Right hand throat strike, left hand guard
Back leg front kick
Left hand v-cut, right hand v-cut, stomp and lower stance.

Horse stance right- Both hands in mantis position left hand about shoulder level right hand parallel.
Cross stance- Left hand throat strike, right hand guard
Back leg front kick
Right hand v-cut, left hand v-cut, stomp and lower stance.

Horse stance foreward- Both hands in mantis position right hand about shoulder level left hand parallel.
Right hand throat strike, left hand in guard
Back leg front kick, skip front kick, double back stirike (cross stance)

Horse stance back- Right hand in guard, left hand horizontal stab
Right hand throat strike
Back leg front kick, cross step, flying side kick
Plant horse stance, matis position.

Hands come across face to foreward horse stance
Mantis position, slide up round house, spink hook kick
Right hand guard, left hand horizontal stab
Spin hook, drop side kick
Spin up right, sezah one, left hand throat strike right hand guard

Circle set
Hard bow left
"USA!" v-cut foreward with right
Soft bow right
"USA!" v-cut foreward with left (added 2009)
"Black Belt Champions!"
left hand stab, right hand guard
Boot check "Asah!" Double back strike (relax stance)

Circle set,



Sunday, November 15, 2009

Releases from Bear Hug from Behind

The self defense curriculum over the last few weeks has focused on releases from bear hugs from behind.

Here, in slow mo, is the basic release from a rear bear hug.

Followed by the release from the same rear bear hug but when the attacker starts to lift you probably to slam you to the ground. They key elements are to hook one leg around the attackers leg while throwing your momentum first upwards, then downwards.

The next demo of a release, previously taught at Lavallees, is of a traditional kenpo approach, to a release from a rear bear hug, hands free.

Lastly, here's the release from a rear bear hug when the hands are pinned.

LAvalle's has moved away from the Kenpo self defense. I'm not sure why but based on this article, I suspect it's because of the complexity of the original American Kenpo self defense system: 50 Ways to Sunday.

This post is on the second on our self defense. The other one discusses a variety of Rear Choke Releases. If anyone wants to help, I'd like videos and descriptions about:
- wrist grabs - single, double, same side, cross-over
- front chokes, lapel grabs - single & double
- side grabs -shoulder and neck -
- full nelsons
- bouncer grab (one hand held up behind the back, the other held at the side)
- front bear hugs
- standing guillotine choke from behind
- any other parts of the curriculum that I've forgotten?


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lavallees - a blended school

I'd like to better understand the blend of systems that makes up my martial arts training. As I understand it, we have blended different systems for our kata, curriculum, and bugo. Here's what I know: I'd like to know more, please chime in...

A Kenpo Base - The first few kata, Short One, Long One, and Short Two, are derived from the US Kenpo tradition . Our versions of the katas are shorter than the originals. Bookset too is kenpo based. And I quote from KLS68 who commented on Youtube about the bookset kata...Very good form, it is much differant than the original bookset. its much shorter....this is a kenpo style kata.Steve Lavallee trained under Lee Thompson which is tracey style kenpo... i believe william chow introduced it to the US through Ed Parker and his first students the Tracy brothers. Al, Will and Jim Tracy who then started the Tracy system.

Extreme Martial Arts - We do two open kata, XMA Form One and XMA Form Two, which are XMA-based. The XMA Sword Form 1 also is from XMA.

We often work in our drills and curriculum on Muy Thai kicks; MMA grappling and takedowns; and JuJitsu and in our drills and curriculum.

The chuck is a Japanese weapon. Our Chuck Form One and Chuck Form Two were developed in house.

American Bo Form- The American Bo Form was provided by Jason David Frank, a sixth degree black belt who has his own blended style of karate, Toso Kune Do, with four schools in Texas. Jason is well-known for his years as a Power Ranger.

The Kama Set is from Taekwondo as is kama set two. Kama Set Two is a form that was created by Roland Osborne and is a creative form (not from TKD). Roland was originally a student under Jason David Frank (both are lineage of Red Dragon Karate) and now runs his own schools. (thanks to Mr Dan Walsh for this addition).

Some of our
self defense techniques were derived from Kenpo which while very effective, requires real precision to use the right moves from the right position. Lavallees has shifted during the last three years to a reference point-based approach which is derived from Israeli Krav Mega. There are three posts about our self defense. One is a demo of BJJ Standup Self Defense by Kyoshi, one collects many of the Rear Choke Release , and the other Bear Hug Releases from Behind.

Our bugo is kickboxing. When sparing, we mostly don't grapple or use knees, elbows, or leg kicks.

Logar Shin is kung fu inspired.

The Ki Chung Kata is fromf tae kwon do origin. It's nearly identical to kama set but uses open hands

One note - I am just a student at Lavallees. This is only my personal opinion and thoughts, it is in no way an official statement by the school or Kyoshi. I hope you all understand that. The thoughts and misunderstandings are all mine. Feel free to correct me.In fact, Correct Me. If you are my friend..

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Some bugo

I handed the camera to a spectator today and asked her (she was about eight) to film us. It's always good to see yourself although today it only confirmed that I'm a little out of shape, a little passive, and basically, I'm off my game. Here's three from today.