Saturday, March 15, 2008

Warriors Collide

Post by BlackBeltat50.

It's that time again, another set of Ft Lauderdale amateur fights. Saturday night, March 22nd, 2008 at the War Memorial Auditorium. As background, look at my descriptions of Warriors Collide 2, & 3 . Also, here are the ISKA Rules, including the Oriental Rules which are used for most of the Warriors Collide bouts.

Here is what I want to know:

1. Who is fighting? Last time, I knew three people from our schools who were fighting. All were pretty high level: Stephanie (4th degree), Sensei Hewitt (5th degree) and Trish Cicero (not sure what belt, maybe 2nd dan). This time Damien Scott is going into the ring. He's a first degree black belt.

2. Any women? I think most people agree that the girls fights are the most popular. The Answer from Coop's email shows a Vanessa & Aliana on the ticket.

3. Is Steve Lavallee's school going to buy and resell a big block of tickets? Last time, we had a great time sitting as a group. This time, I might go with a block of people who buy tickets through my honey's hairdresser (All About Choo - I'm not kidding, they have a friend who fights and they go as a group. Looking fabulous!)

4. Is this age appropriate entertainment for kids? I have my kids next weekend (I don't have them every weekend). They're ages 9,11, & 14. The 9 & 14 year old both take karate. Is this an appropriate show for them? Last time, I noticed maybe a dozen kids in the audience. Tough question which I've been wrestling with.

5. Question: How do I find out who is fighting in advance?
Answer: Send an email to coop and she emails back the line-up. Here it is (plus the questions below, some of which have been answered)

Not in order of lineup - card subject to change
Eric Loscalz (American Top Team CC) Debut vs Juan Hernandez (Bears Den MMA) Debut OR 153
Al Brown (Hammer) 1-0 vs Corey Hanzow (Trian's Kyokushin) Debut OR 235
Ross Yabut (Zentao Martial Arts) Debut vs Manoel Cespedes (Champions Factory) Debut OR 165
Leondro Matos (US1 Fitness) Debut vs Eric Garnif (Carroll's MMA) Debut OR 175
John DeSiena (American Legacy) Debut vs Vitor Delgado (American Top Team Ft.L) Debut OR 170
Steven Chin (South Florida Boxing) 1-1 vs Damien Scott (USA Black Belt Champions) Debut OR 155
Peter Thomas (Inosanto/Hammer) Debut vs Mike Kaiser(Inferno MMA) 0-1 OR 156
Mark Trillas ( American TKA)1-2 vs Alberto Rojas (Hammer) 7-10 OR 155
Rob Rodriguez( Freestyle Fighting Academy)debut vs Mike Delapava (Carroll's MMA) debut OR 205
Joe Ray (Freestyle Fighting Academy)3-0 vs Darren Malyan (Fizogen Xtreme Couture) Debut OR 191
Carlos Garcia (Young Tigers) 3-1 vs Aca Tempow (Zentao Martial Arts) 4-0 OR 144
Mike Ozuna (US1 Fitness) 2-0-1 vs Mike Newman (American Top Team FtL) Debut OR 168
Vanessa Jaramillo (Jp's Team Martial Arts) Debut vs Aliana Morris (Inferno MMA) 0-1 OR 130
Co-Main Event: David Okenka (Inferno MMA) 2-0 vs Anthony Longsworth (American Top Team CC) 2-0 OR 169
Main Event: ISKA Heavy Weight Champion Eric Rivera (American TKA) 4-1-1 Vs Challenger Alan Yvones (Bears Den MMA) 3-2 OR 212

I've looked at the URL listed on the promotional flyer ( which gives not-much information other than this link to buy tickets. I've also searched around on myspace and found one of Heather's pages which has some cool graphics, but no more info. There is also Left Hook Productions page on Myspace, not updated since Oct 2006. Then I found another Myspace heather page which is active but still, no info that I could find on the upcoming event. And while I'm sure there will be last minute changes, it would still be cool to know who is planning to fight.

In searching, I just found an old video promoting Warriors Collide 2.


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