Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And I'm back on the Floor! :->

Sunday I went to the gym, worked out, and felt fine. Of course, where I might usually do four sets of twenty five push ups, I did three sets of ten.  Where I might usually spend twenty minutes on the stair climber, I did five. Etcetera.

So Monday, ready or not, back in class. It went fine. I felt good, stayed with it, and really enjoyed the workout. And to my delight, we did some tricky kata, Bo Form and Long Two, and my memory was fine. Great.

I came back Tuesday which turned out to be a little more intense. I stayed with the class for about 95% which meant there was about 5% of the class when I just watched, lightly jogging, with a glassy look while everyone else continued to do drop, three pushups, jump up, horsestance, five punches and repeat. And repeat. And repeat. Yup, I'm not quite ready for that.

All in all, I'm delighted. I should bugo Thursday and Saturday and run on Sunday and yea, I'm back in action! Of course, my schedule for February is another question which I'll have to deal with shortly.

BTW, my favorite online learning games:    Unscramble,  HangMan,  AnalogiesCrossword PuzzleWordSearch, and Vocabulary Test.

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Year's Challenges Continue

So I spent the first ten days of the new year struggling from coming back from being out of shape due to leg muscle pulls and general lack of time.  Then, I wrenched my back this past weekend and have spent this week on lots of ibuprophen and back therapy stuff (rest, icy hot, jacuzzi,  chiropractor etc).

It's been getting less painful everyday and today, I even found myself doing a little slow motion shadow boxing. That's a big improvement from where I was last week where I could not even imagine wanting to move around.

I'm hoping that by Monday, I'll be back in class. I'm hoping....

Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 Starts with some Big Challenges

This is my second week back and I'll finally update this blog.  I've been busy. In Q4 of last year, I focused on technique and spent Monday nights at Jitsu training which was not a full work out. And Tuesday nights became date night with my wife as did Friday night.  And over the holidays, I had some distractions and injuries.  All of this by way of saying, I'm out of shape and overweight.

My goal, by my birthday (March 1st) is to be back in shape and an even ten pounds lighter. I'm at 200 right now which is just way too much. It's a priority.  At my age, I put on weight so quick and its so bad for me and so hard to shed. It's a priority.

What else is new is that Three Set Kuma Tai is back in the system and so I finally got a video up of it.  Check it out.

No new pictures or other eye candy for today, just a simple Happy New Year and a statement before you all that BBat50 is back on track and will be losing two pounds per week down to 190 pounds again.