Sunday, March 29, 2020

Martial Arts Workouts for Novices in Quarantine

Need to exercise when you are quarantined and don't have any weights or equipment? Bored by your usual workout routine.

The answer: try some basic martial workouts.  Great for strength, cardio, and stretching.

If you like these , I'll do more.

Very Basic Routine: Horse stance, forward punch, and then at the end, some inward blocks.


 Basic Routine: Chop, turn, punch. Then double punch.


If you do find these useful, tell me and I'll do another half dozen.

New Topic: Pandemic Pastimes.
Finding meaningful challenges
Thinking inside the box.

I'll just store this video here while I refine my technique and endurance.

My pandemic pastime is to learn to solve a rubrik cube while in plank. I’ve worked for two weeks reading and watching YouTube. My nephew pointed out some basics to me but I kept running into roadblocks.

I finally hired an online instructor (Tania: she’s amazingly patient and useful. Highly recommended. Comment for her contact info) and I can now solve the cube. Not every time but I have done it now twice myself. M

My best time for solving: 24 minutes!
My longest time in plank position: 72 seconds.

Next steps: work harder at staying in plank and accelerate my solution time.

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