Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spotlight Week

By Black Belt Bound....(new coauthor)

This is Spotlight Week for me as we get ready to test for Purple Belt next week. Our numbers keep dwindling as some who were slated for graduation didn't make it for various reasons ( unable to make class due to snowstorms which I'm sure isn't a problem in Florida or being out of town, etc...) By my count there will be six of us if everyone shows up for their two spotlights this week.

We are the leaders which is an interesting position to be in. We take all of our cues in how to conduct ourselves from Sensei. There are no green belts to show us the way or welcome the "fresh meat" to class. We have a limited class schedule until more purple belts are graduated and our numbers increase. I'm going to miss my other teammates and the energy of a large class. But if I heed this week's message of replacing a negative with a positive, I'm looking forward to more personalized training being in such a small class. That means learning it right the first time, which I prefer and agree with BBat50 (see Correct Me. If you are my friend) rather than developing a muscle memory that's wrong and then having to correct it.

And I look forward to welcoming my teammates (fresh meat !) to our class as they earn their Purple belts. Maybe by then I'll enjoy sparing more!

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