Monday, March 24, 2008

Warriors Collide 4

I didn't go. I had the kids and it felt like they weren't quite ready for a night out at the fights. So I missed it. A number of people asked me today about what happened so here is a quick write-up of what I've heard. It entirely second and third-hand. And I would welcome anyone sending in a full write-up of the evening and some pictures or videos.

The question was actually about Damien Scott who had his debut Saturday night. It sounds like he was overmatched. His opponent was 1-1. He had won once in a boxing fight and lost in his MMA fight. Word has it that Damien's strategy was to make it more of an in-and-out fight where he didn't have to go toe-to-toe in boxing.

Apparently, it didn't worked. He was overpowered and lost on a TKO in the third round.

The Sun Sentinel has 14 pictures online here. I'll also risk a minor copyright infringement and repost a few here (unless someone can send me pictures and a write-up of the event) since they'll probably take them down in a few days. Warriors Collide 6!


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