Saturday, October 27, 2012

She is earning her sixth degree black belt!

Kim Colvin Struts Her Stuff
I am proud to be able to say something which historically, few people have been able to say:

My sensei, she is earning her sixth degree black belt.

And of course, Kim Colvin (aka KC) has had more than her fair share of obstacles along the way.  While it's extra cool that she's a women earning her sixth degree, she counts as an inspirational sensei and instructor in any league. And it helps that she's a recognized pioneer of women in the martial arts.

I remember a few years ago, in one of my favorite posts, I mentioned that I was one of the few people historically who could say: My sensei is pregnant!

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Elite Force Black Belt Spectacular
KC Lavallee Earns her 6th Degree
Mike Sweeney earns the sensei title!
Here's my question for everyone. 
How many women have earned their sixth degree?  Do you know any? If so, please comment and tell us.

And the Black Belt Spectacular is on November 3rd, 12 pm.  The venue is provided by Westiminister Academy arranged by Coach Boland, presumably.

The Black Belt Spectacular is the award show where the news black belts strut their stuff,   For years, it was in local school gyms and then for about five years, they upgraded it to the Parker Playhouse and made it into a more formal and slicker presentation.  We are now returning to the charm and intimacy of the previous era which I think is a step forward into the past.

Ouse!  So here's to our Ft Lauderdale martial arts school, Northeast Broward dojo.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hips and backs etc

My status, athletically, is that after the last back crisis, I got myself to the orthopedist and asked, "So what's up doc?"  He did Xrays of the back and hips. The back was healthy and boring. But it keeps geting wrenched around my mh hips. My right hip is not good. The doctor's first reactions: "That looks like it hurts. And we've replaced hips that looked a lot better than that."  Durn.  So he gave me some anti-inflamatory stuff and some advice: Don't round, don't right round-house, don't keep stressing it.  Biking, swimming, boxing, front kicks are OK.  So I'm sort of an a holding pattern as I think about my options and as my back fully recovers. I try to get to class 2x a week but with some other problems (Work got very intense and Mom has had problems so I'm travelling), my own work-outs are not the highest priority.  Stay tuned... I might get serious about exploring the miracles of new hips.