Sunday, February 03, 2019

Driving Back to Fitness - Feb 2019

A report from the front: so far I'm on track. I've had good discipline in my eating reducing both consumption and particularly staying away from carbs and desert. Not quite enough to hit kitosis but I'm pretty close.

Every Sunday is weigh in day. First thing in the morning (when I'm at my lightest). Today's maximum was 204 and I cleared it by a full pound. Here's my tracking.  And for those who don't know, I'm on a lose-a-pound a week tear aiming to clear 200 by 3/1 (I got as high as 215 for awhile there: Ouch!).  

How? I'm obsessing about it. I try to think about what I'm eating tomorrow every night in bed. I also plan out my exercise.  Also, coming back from surgery really gives me motivation. Here's some visuals:

The first one is from me biking this morning after I got a flat and called for a ride. (If I was hard core, I would have done the roadside repair thing but....without my reading glasses, it's hard to see all those little things that need to be done to repair a flat. LMAO)

John Edelson
John Edelson
Here's an Xray taken this last week which shows that my new hip is exactly where it is suppose to be. Per the doctor who put it in.

And here's the device, from Stryker, that was buried in me on Dec 11th last. (I took a picture of an extra one sitting in Dr Naide's office.)

Can you believe that I have that shiny techie thing inside my body?

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Rehab PostOp following the New Hip

On December 11th, I had a new hip installed.  For two weeks, I had a rehab PT guy come to my house and show me the basics.

When I visited by doctor, he said that rehab for "people in my category" (I assume he meant pretty young and healthy and aggressive about getting back in shape), there's no data that demonstrates attending formal rehab improves outcomes over not attending. So I opted not to attend.

My major focus now is not hurting my hip as it solidifies and on getting back in shape. My measurement of being in shape is reducing my horrific belly and weight (I saw 215 a number of times on the scale in December).

My goal simply is to lose a pound a week until my birthday so that I'm under 200 at the start of March.

Here's my tracking.

BTW, I read all the articles about how hard it is to exercise away weight and that weight, at my age, is lost by controlling diet, nothing else. So I'm doing both.

Exercise: Lots of swimming (but only kicking a little. I use a pool buoy between  my legs to keep me from over doing anything with my legs). Some weights a few times a week. And today I introduced walking. I walked for over a mile and only made it 2.3 miles. I guess I need to pick up the pace. I think a 3 mile/hour pace is appropriate for exercise.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018


Here's the news. On 12/11/2018, last Tuesday, of my own free will, I drove to the hospital, got totally undressed, signed some papers, and let them pump me full of a cocktail of muscle relaxants, pain killers, and sedatives.

Then, with a sharp knife they sliced open my thigh.

With a reciprocating saw, they cut thru my thigh bone.

With a hammer and chisel, they removed the ball from the hip ball and socket.

They took a powerful power-sander and polished up the inside of the socket cutting off a set of bone spurs and trying to make spherical.

Then they jammed  into me the strangest looking device made of  titanium, plastic, and ceramic.

 Basically, they jammed (hammered) a cup my  hip socket and then jammed a ceramic ball with an the attached metal rod into the thigh bone at one end, the newly placed cup in the other.

Once in place, they cleaned up the mess that they'd made being sure not to leave any bone chips or other evidence around, pushed all the muscles and stuff back into position, and glued the incision back together.

Then they high fived each other, stopped for a coffee break and a chat, and moved onto the fourth hip replacement of the day.


Later that day, they watched me take ten steps in one direction with a walker. Turn around. Walk back.

The next day, they took me to a little room to see if I could climb and descend a few stairs, sit down and get up from a fake car, and otherwise move about. They also checked that I could pee. Then they send me home.

So far so good....This is what being healthy but needing a new hip at age 60 looks like.

Thursday, November 01, 2018

Of Gis, Equipment, and Retiring from the Martial Arts

I loved going to the dojo and went for nearly a decade 3- 5 times a week.  I stayed in shape, developed flexibility and strength, learned all sorts of new skills, got some nice belts, and made lots of friends.  All three of the kids participated to a greater or lesser degree. Two of them got black belts. Kate  then moved onto jitsui which she has trained for half a decade in: David got interested in boxing and trained for a year.

But about 5 years ago (around age 55), my combined hip and back problems took the fun out of it. After a few years of multiple back spasms and a very rapid decline in my ability to kick, I made a sad decision.  The straw that moved me was when  the doctors convinced me that I was going irreparable damage to my back (since I had one fused-up hip).

This week, the decision got revisited and punctuated.  My wife decided to redo parts of the house and we had to do some cleanup.  Sadly, so sadly, I was confronted with a few piles of old gis and equipment.  I stared at it in dismay. I sulked. I put on my gi for one last time and did a little shadow boxing with front kicks (I can’t do round houses or side kicks at all anymore).

Then I packed it all up and gave it away. Sad.  It was a really fun era for me.  I was lucky to have it.

So now it’s just swimming and biking. Ok, swimming and biking it iS!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Father Son Boxing

I've been pretty healthy as of late so I thought I'd take a chance and see if I can hang with my 18 year old son in a few low key sparing rounds. No kick boxing, just classic boxing.

I've watched these rounds a number of times and I think it's a fantastic father son portrait. My son is about 3x times faster than I am.

He chases me around and I mostly roll with the punches, move away or block the punches coming in, and I sometimes even counter.  My footwork is good.  But he's just fantastically athletic, quick, and graceful as he throws.  #dadissoproud  Note: neither of has put any time into boxing in the previous year or so:  This is us at our sloppiest. But since it's only going to get worse for me, I thought I'd save this.

The great news is that I held up OK for three, four, or five rounds (however many it was. I guess I did get a little fuzzy)   and I COULD WALK THE NEXT DAY (after some icing and time in the jacuzzi)...  OK, now here it is... Watch how he zings and how I drag....


Anybody notice how fast he is?  Good technique. And how he stayed away from knocking off his father's noggin which I really appreciated.  This is what I looked like between rounds (while he was shadow boxing or talking up the audience):

John Edelson
John Edelson between rounds

 Round 3

Round 5

Where were we? We were at Ace's new gym just off Commercial, just west of Powerline. She opened it a few weeks ago. I highly recommend it for fitness, boxing skills, some time in the ring (she should get the ring installed in the next few weeks and will get the place expanded as the other tenant gives up space), and camaraderie.