Friday, July 04, 2014

Independence Day Triathlon

Independence Triathlon
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I enjoyed my second sprint triathlon of the summer this morning.  It was in Tradewinds Park so the swim was in a flat water lake, the run and bike were flat (no bridges), and there were no 180 degree turns.  And I did a new personal best knocking a minute off my previous time bringing it down to 1:09:39.

Still, my time and my position were a little disappointing.  On my previous tri this summer, I was in the top half of my age group and only five minutes behind the winners.  Today, I finished in 1:09:39 (versus 1:10:33 last month) which put me 161st out of 367 which put me just into the first half of the people.  But it only earned me a 12th out of 18 in my category and I was a full 17 minutes off the winning time.

My group, males age 56-60, was weirdly fast. Maybe it's because there was no International Distance so all the more intense athletes dropped down into the sprint. This might be it but it doesn't explain why my specific age group was so fast.  For instance, with my time of 1:09, if I was in the younger 50-54 age group, I would have been 10th out of 27, well into the top half versus well into the bottom half in my actual group.  But then, if I was 61-65, 1:09 would have gotten me a 6th out of 10. And I would have had the same position (6th out of 10) if I was 65-69.  So it seems that it was the old men in general who were extremely fast.  The winner in my age group (a Clay Wilson) was 16th in the overall race and finished in under 53 minutes which is very impressive, arguably elite.

2014 Independence Day Triathlon (.25s-10b-3r)
Race Results for John Edelson
Male 55-59 on 07/04/2014
Cat Place9/1812/1815/1815/1811/1812/18
Cat %533518184135
Sex Place116/232130/232143/232182/232119/232121/232
Sex %504439224948
OA Place167/368207/368184/368289/368162/368161/368
OA %554450225656
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List of John's Triathlons
1:09:39  July 4th, 2014     Independence Day Tradewinds Park M 55-59
1:10:33  June 8th, 2014   Mack Cycle Key Biscayne - M 56-60
1:22:15 July 22nd, 2012   Mack Cycle Key Biscayne - M 51-55
1:17:53  August 19 , 2012   Mack Cycle Key Biscayne - M 51-55
1:24:18  2005   Tri Fort Lauderdale 2005. This was along the beach and in Birch state park
There's also a tri from 2005 to be found...I can't remember if it was in Key Biscayne or up near Del Ray.

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Made it Out of the Water!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Sprint Triathalon - Key Biscayne

In my quest for new challenges and to enjoy and push my fitness, I signed up for some triathalons this summer.  I did the first one on June 8th down at Virginia Key, part of the Key Biscayne Mack series. I had a great time and my time was respectable.  I finished it in 1:10:33 which placed me  5th place in my age category of Male 55-59, 118th overall out of 256.

The organizers just sent me a table which gave me my position on each part.  My swimming was fast, I was 2nd fastest in my group. And my biking was fast too, I was the 3rd fastest in my group. My run time, which I think of as my best area, was not as good, I was 5th.  And my transitions, I was slow: 6th and 5th respectively.  I guess I need to practice putting on my shoes!

New Bike! I'm really excited since I finally bought a bike that isn't a bad joke. I bought a new bike which is a modern racing bike. It's almost 10 pounds lighter than my old bike. I didn't got to crazy as in I stayed with aluminum and didn't go with a carbon fiber.  But, if I keep at it (and if my company stays solvent), I might get myself a carbon fibre one soon.

My previous bike was one that I had swapped for and it turns out to have been 25 years old.  I put toe clips on the old bike and use to do both the biking and the run wearing running shoes.

Here's the results of previous triathalons. I did two two years ago and a few a few years before that.  My time this time was actually better than the previous one: 1 hour ten minutes this time versus one hour seventeen minutes on my last one.  I have no idea why. This course might have been shorter or the conditions better. I think in both cases, I placed the middle of my group although I have moved up a group since my previous efforts.  And by up, I mean that I moved up to the 56-60 age group.

By the way, the pictures from the triathalon last year were taken by my wife's nephew who is a great photographer.  Anybody want to go take pictures at the next one?

2014 Mack Cycle Triathlon Trilogy #1 (.25s-10b-3.1r)
Race Results for John Edelson
Male 55-59 on 06/08/2014
Cat Place2/86/83/85/85/85/8
Cat %862971434343
Sex Place88/171124/17175/171129/17197/17193/171
Sex %492856254446
OA Place114/256185/25689/256185/256128/256118/256
OA %562865285054
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Monday, May 19, 2014

My College Daughter, Is she majoring in jitsu?

 As my daughter finished her senior year in high school, she earned her black belt in our blended school of kenpo, kickboxing, and self defense.

At college, she moved right into ju jitsu.  As I understand it, it's Japanese jitsu but with a Canadian and British accent (ie her instructors are from English but now live in Canada).

Whatever the origin, she has now been on a series of jitsu exhibitions and tournaments in Canada and has even spent a week in Scotland (during the summer) at a world jitsu something.

How does her Dad feel about her spending a chunk of her college years learning a new martial art and a very effective one at that?  I'm thrilled.

But then the new question was, how did I feel about her spending the summer working on her jitsu and learning to be instructor?  Well, I guess I feel fine. I'm torn between thinking that she should be more career minded versus recognizing that it's great that she's found something that she is interested in.