Sunday, May 17, 2015

BB at 57 - Status Report

John Edelson
Me Skiing in Good Health
Jan 2015

Last summer, 2014, I had a strong healthy season.

 I ran a 5K in the spring and was working out with a boxfit aerobics class. I did three sprint Triathalons (2 tris in Key Biscayne, one tri in Boca on Independence day)in the summer (even made it onto the podium once), and tried spending a little time in a boxing ring (one of which got recorded).

So summer 2014 for me was a peak. It didn't last. In the fall, I traveled for 3 weeks which was cool. I went to Greece & Israel. Then I worked and traveled a lot to DC over the winter for family reasons. This adds up to a lot of time NOT spent staying in shape.  In January, I travelled some more but did get a week of skiing with my son (Steamboat Springs, C).

 By Feb 2015, I was clearly  out of shape and had put on almost ten pounds from the previous summer so when my wife took off for two weeks to Cuba, I thought it was a chance for me to focus on my fitness and eating and to really get back in shape. Instead, the first day she was gone, I overdid it by playing several sets of tennis (I hadn't played in a year) and triggered a nasty set of back spasms which left me barely able to shuffle around for ten days. Uhg.

At the start of March, I tried to establish a program back towards good health. This is almost exactly where I was two years ago when my back problems got really bad. That time, I spent six months slowly building before I could work out hard again.  So now, I'm back to do the boring back-building exercises a few times a week, visiting Nicole (Focus Studios)  two times a week to rebuild my intrinsics and improve general core fitness, and very judiciously adding new levels of intensity and new activities. Mostly, I road bike and swim.  I've tried running two times so far and both times, I concluded that it was premature.

My great fear is that I might be entering a new normal. In Feb 2013, I attended my last martial arts class since my hip made each kick into a potential back injury. My concern is that people are now suggesting that I might have to rethink running, jump rope, and even shadow boxing as too hard on my back, given its propensity to spasm.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Jujitsu Wrist Locks - Joint Locks

At a fine New England liberal arts college, my daughter is learning...jujitsu.  The times they are a chaning. Here she is demonstrating her skills on my son with wrist lock number one and number two.

Jujitsu (Japanese) Wrist Lock #1

Here is the second wrist lock which seems to be a defense for a punch. More than a defense, it's a full submission joint lock move!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Olympic Martial Arts

What martial arts are included in the Olympics?

First of all, from looking at the Olympics website, they don't have a category of Olympic martial arts. They seem to treat them as separate sports (the Olympbics also don't have a "ball sports category" such as soccer, basketball, and vollyball).  Some people, such as Mike Lee of His post on Olympic Martial Arts lists 6 martial arts but his list seems to only focus on combat sports:

  • Olympic Boxing 
  • Olympic Fencing 
  • Olympic Freestyle Wrestling 
  • Olympic Greco-Roman Wrestling 
  • Olympic Judo 
  • Olympic Taekwondo
Mike reports that in 2020, wrestling will be dropped (both Greco-Roman and Freestyle?) but despite earlier efforts, Wushu karate is not yet planned to be included.

But, there are two other sports that I feel are martial arts although they are not direct combat:
The official Olympic website is particularly useless at providing info on whether these sports are going to be maintained or dropped. I'm also unable to find anything on eligibility. I remember, for instance, that professional basketball and soccer players were not allowed to play in the Olympics when I was young. Then, at some point, to keep it interesting and to balance the Eastern Blocks definition of amateur, new rules about Olympic eligibility rules were created having to do with age and number of allowed Olympic appearances but I can't seem to find any info on it.