Saturday, May 26, 2012

XMA Chuck Form One

XMA Chuck Form One is new (at least to me) this year. This  video of XMA Chuck Form One is demonstrated by Mr Tenuttta, an instructor who is a second degree.  It's an XMA (Extreme Martial Arts) kata so it's more dramatic and theatric than a traditional martial arts.  I'm not sure which dojo he is in but it might be Lighthouse Point since it was posted by Craig Halley, Sensei of Lighthouse Point.


I don't know the origin of the kata. Was it developed at Lavallees martial art schools or did we import it from some XMA group.  I wonder the same about all the XMA forms.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Look Who is Wearing a Black Belt!

This past weekend was Showtime!

 Kate got up on stage at the Parker Playhouse and showed her stuff. For her, probably pretty easy. She is a good performer and knew her material very well.

NTSC generally appeared very strong this time.  Mike Sweeney led the group as the only 4th degree with Dani coming in for a third. Since they are both from my dojo, this was great.

Along with Kate, there was Nina, seen horsing around with Kate just below. BTW, to complete her spring, she has a big ballet show this upcoming weekend. And what does she do with her spare time!

I don't seem able to find yet the picture of everyone in their new gis.