Sunday, March 12, 2023

Firing on All Cylinders

 Dear Readers, 

The news is good. I'm now 65 years of age. 

That means I'm starting my 66th trip about the sun.  Very excited about it. My birthday (I'm Pisces) comes near the end of winter. Of course, since I live in Florida and don't think astrologically, that previous sentence was a little random.  But despite being 65, I'm still sort of "with it". Evidence: the use of the "a little random" expression.

I'm taking a gap year. This means that John Edelson, as of March 1st, no longer has a job. He resigned his employment and is not applying for, and will not accept, any employment. At least for a year. I had a great job. I was thrilled and interested by it, I found it meaningful. But I was starting my 20th year running that place and for reasons of personal growth and exploration, and given that there is a limited lifespan on this earth, I decided that they could get along fine without me. But, how I do feel about having no fixed schedule or responsibilities or role? It's hard for me. It's going to take some getting use e to. Near the end of 2023, I'll take a fresh look at my plan but for now, I intend to be relaxed, social, and dabble in all sorts of things.  

My health is good. I'm exercising every day. I  play ping pong intensely and try to do that several times a week. I play tennis once a week. I yoga a few times. I go to the gym. I've joined a circuit training gym with a boxing theme: 9 Rounds (which I highly recommend! Two great trainers: JP and Olga)! It's fun to have gloves on again. And they have a speed bag. I LOVE the speed bag.  I also swim, go to the gym, and go to Jeff's BootCamps on Saturdays at 10:30 and Thursdays at 5:30.

Summer Camp. Starting around May 1st, I decided to make exercising and physical activity what I do. I try to do two, sometimes three of these activities daily. Yesterday for instance, I went to 9 Rounds (which has a speed bag!), played 90 minutes of pong at the center, and went to Jeff's BootCamp. Ok, that was a bit much. This will get interrupted when we take our July trip but in August, I'll make a new plan.

Here's my status...

My weight was a little out of control this winter getting up near 210. I'm working it back down and am hanging out around 202. Ideally (and realistically), I'd like to be between 195 and 200.  

Pushups. I'm able again to do 25 pushups without stopping. I'd like to get to be able to do four sets of 25 with just short breaks in the middle. 

Pull Ups. I'm back to doing five of them. My target over the last year was to get back to 5. A few times I've done 6 and I've just finally made it to 7 (but about to take a month off...).  My goal is to get back to 10.

Jump rope. I'm back to doing sets of 50.  I can also do a set of 100 but it leaves me excellent.

Running.  Haven't tried in awhile. No aspirations here.

Swimming. I'm back to doing sets of 20 or 30 but not without stopping. Today, for instance, I did 24 as 6 sets of 4 with a half minute in between.

Yoga.  I'd like to be a competent yogi who understands alignment and is limber enough to hit most of the postures. I'm getting there.

John Edelson

I July, I'm taking a month long vacation in which I'll not only not exercise, I'll also eat like I don't know better. Then I'll reverse course...