Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Health Report: May 2021

 Using the metrics set up in the last post, here's an update:

Fitness. I made it to 6 pullups but it's been up and down (ha ha ha). As in once I declared victory with 5 pull-ups in late Feb, I stopped until mid April when I was back down to only 3 and a bit. I started building again and yesterday I did 6.  My pushups of two sets of 25 are holding steady. I want to get to yoga more but haven't yet figured out how to do more than the inhouse session on Sat mornings.

Weight. For almost a month, I was steadily under 200 but the last weeks, I've been back at 201-203. This week I'm crunching it back down. Just don't eat all that yummy stuff, no more bread!!! I'm certainly doing better than at the end of last year when I was up close to 210 but I've also lost my momentum of losing weight. My goal remains to be between 190 and 195.

Weight YTD 2021. High of 210, Lows of 198

Cholesterol. The last few years, I've been hanging out at around 150. A month ago, they put me on a Crestor generic of 20MG. I'm now at 57.2.  Success! Other metrics:
Pulse:        50
Pressure:    120/80

Covid. In early Feb, as part of a routine physical, I had them run the test for antibodies and I tested positive. This means that I had it but was asymptomatic. I also got the Johnson and Johnson shot.

Statistics say: Hard to predict but guys like this on average make it to 92.