Sunday, March 02, 2008

American Bo Form

The American Bo Form is so cool. We get to use the long staff. But, it's complicated. At least right now, when I'm far from having it framed in, it appears hard. But stay tuned....

Oh, the breakdown of the bo form into parts is entirely my creation. I'd be pleased to be "corrected". Just this week, I learned to spell "bo" correctly.

Here is the video. It's great. Slow and perfect. Thank you Mr. Mike Galinda.
And, you'll be pleased to note that I've now started putting the videos up via the Youtube technology which allows you to watch them full screen and, allows me to add annotations. Check it out!

(older blogger video technology - left here for contrast - notice how much better the YouTube tech is!)


  1. The Bo is held on right side, vertically. Tip the bow forward, bow, return to vertical.
  2. Spin over head to hold bo out to the right, kneel putting right knee down, left hand outstretched.
  3. Bring bo over head while putting 2nd knee down, lowering the bow horizontally in front of you.
  4. Lower the Bo to knees, spread knees slightly, drop, then raise head.
Standing Up

  1. Step up with left knee while bringing bo over head to the right. Strike forward.
  2. Put bo up over head bringing it down on the left.
  3. Spin bo finishing with an overhead strike forward on left and stamping with right foot.
  4. Stand by boot check: putting right leg up against left then down at shoulder width
  5. Bo forward back on left, to the right and back.

  1. Turn 90 to the right taking a small adjustment with the right foot to the right, spin bo over head with a downward strike on the right side.
  2. Bo up, to the left, back over head, then strike finishing in hard bow with the right leg forward.
  3. High dragon (poke up to the guy on horseback) forward, then low dragon (poke the guy on the ground) backwards. Poke right next to your foot.
  4. Turn the body 180 making only a slight back (left) foot adjustment step to the left. Hit with the bow to the left, back to the right, hit down, hit up, hit to the left, bring it over the head and down while stepping forward with the right foot into a hard bow – aieesa..
Bo Spinning and a Jump

  1. Bring it from the left to the right, forward spin four times bringing it back over the head from the left and forward strike..
  2. High dragon forward (actually shift to 45 degree), low dragon back, stay facing back and take the bo from the right to the left, right, up, down, back on the left, behind the back and downward strike while stepping forward with the right and slightly crossing the left behind it...
(yes - I know this video is sideways. If you see me in the dojo holding the camera sideways again, please deliver a swift boot to my head. I should know better. I would also delete this but Miss Stephanie is so perfect that I find myself turning my head and watching it...)

Hockey Shot & a Dance Step (Willow)

  1. Use the bow like a hockey stick turning and shooting behind you from the left finishing the right knee down and the left knee up. Your left hand is at your left side, your right hand is up in front of you. Put the stick over head and take it out behind you with just your right while leaning forward and doing a sortof expressive dance move with your left hand (palm out, fingers together and pointing up). This is called Willow.
  2. Bring the bo over your head to the left side and forward strike, still kneeling.
  3. Stand up spinning to your right 180 and moving the stick from the right side over the head and strike down on the right, down, up, left, right, forward spin, behind the head, jump 180 more to the right going into a horse stance, down strike.
Spinning & Stepping

  1. Right to left, then three spins while stepping back with the left, and following with the right.
  2. Without stopping, continue spinning but now stepping forward with the right and closing with the left foot..
  3. On the third forward spin, go behind the head on the left, and forward strike while stepping into a hard bow with the left foot forward.

  1. Step up and then down with the right foot to shoulder width.
  2. Bo goes up, down, to the right, left, over the head and putting the legs together, out with one hand to the right while you push out with left hand.
  3. Over the head and back down nearly vertical on the right.
  4. Forward, back, and then, holding the bo just in the right (sign of peace), double punch down forward.

Pay attention to...
The grip on the Bo. When you strike, your hand stays on top of the bo and you twist your wrist so your first two knuckles are out. This gives force to the blow.

The forward strikes are to an opponents head. Many people initially strike at waist height. Wrong. Strike at head height.
With this strike, your lower (left hand) drops to near the bottom of the bo.

Any more hints to share?

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Anonymous said...

OK, I love Miss Stefani's performance, but I was getting a little dizzy watching her with my head tilted. Thanks to Mister Mike for a new video. Very helpful.
PS : I read your new posts every time you send them to me. I will try to comment them more often.