Saturday, February 26, 2011

And I'm back!

I made it back to class today. It felt like the first time in ages.  There were two ski trips in the last three weeks. One, a trip with friends,  was a total disaster: my back spasmed the first morning before I even put on my skis. It was bad enough that I actually ended up in the clinic where they treated me with flexor, a muscle relaxant and some ice and pain killers. My second trip was with the family and it went much better. I skiied with my kids for the first time.  There was also a mid January trip for a family event to Boston and some other distractions. Bottom line, I came back today and it felt great. It was a hard class, a large number of bugo sessions.  I was badly exhausted way before the end but all the same it felt great to be back.

Hopefully, with no distractions for awhile, I get work my way back into shape and stop being such a basketcase on tough days....

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Learning about Learning

The thing about he martial arts in this day and age is that its' purpose is rarely self defense.  Some do it for sport, others for discipline, others do it as a way to learn. I actually, since I'm in the learning business, am very aware of how they teach and how people learn.  It's really learning by doing with some demonstration, lots of practice, a little explanation, and some corrections.

On another note, here is a great learning program for math which is appropriate information for kids to learn the math that they need themselves.

Math Lesson Plans  - These math lessons are incredibly visual, perhaps not as visual as seeing a kata, but still the essence of many lessons is well-visualized!

Feeling Better

Monday night was a great class. Master KC was on the floor and set a specially hard pace. Loved it. I'm feeling better. I'll celebrate by posting some pictures from when I earned my brown belt.  The date on them is June 2005. Feels like yesterday.

john edelson

 John Edelson with Kate, Ariana, and David