Sunday, September 22, 2013

Jon Bones Jones is still the Champ

I had a great night watching UFC 165.  The truly great match last night was Jon Jones title defense against Gustafson.  Great fight. Perhaps Fight of the Year. Five rounds of drama and action. Virtually all stand-up. Some creative and great stuff.

They're both huge, both young (26) and it was the first time we've seen Jones struggle.  The web is full of people calling the match fixed and misjudged and all that nonsense but to my eye, Jones won it.  Even if he wasn't the champ, he won it.  But this could be the start of  a great long term rivalry.

Gus probably won the 1st and 2nd rounds. The 3rd was debatable. Jones won rounds 4 and 5. Gus almost got finished in the 4th, another 30 seconds and he was done.  I think round 4 might have been the only 2 point lead round. And while I gave the 2nd to Gus, Jones did get in a pretty solid head kick to Gus in round 2. I would have scored, 1 point to Gus for each of 1-3, 2 points to Jones for 4, and 1 point to Jones for 5.  So I would have had it a draw.

The judges scores were 48-47, 48-47, and 49-46.  Whomever said 49-46.... bad judging.

But overall, there are rules of thumb for these matches.
 1. To beat the champ, you must BEAT the champ.
 2. Don't leave it in the hands of the judges.
3. Finish with momentum.

Jones hung tough, came back, won it. He earned his stripes last night. But the big point is: REMATCH!!!!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Cream Cheese Versus Nutella

Hi Everyone. Or Nobody. It's been awhile. I'm going to try a series of updates. Today's update is answering a simple question that my son asked today while we prepared a snack.

The question wasn't about which was more delicious. It was about which was more nutricious or more precisely, which one was worst for us.

For me, this is always a tough question. First problem, I need to find some glasses so that I can see the labels.  This is often tougher than it sounds.  Today, after some searching, I got lucky and found that they were on my head.  Really.

Then, I go to the harder part. What matters to my healthy? Is it the same as matters to my sons health.  He's 14 and skinny as a rail.  I'm 55 and struggling to maintain a certain look.  Here's the labels, lets compare.   Both define a server as 2 tablespoons.

First line is about fat. Probably bad for both of us. Cream Cheese has 7 grams of fat, Nutella has 11 grams.  Score one for cream cheese.

Cholesterol:  Cream Cheese has 20 mg, Nutalla has none.  Score one for Nutella.  One to one.

Tie breaker: Sodium  I think that means salt.  There's 125 mg of sodium per serving in cream cheese.  Only 15 mg in Nutella.  Nutella wins, two to one!

Of course, there is that second column dealing with carbs and proteins.  And somewhere, it says something about overall calories. But I'm pretty sure that those are less important to us than the amount of fat, cholesterol, and sodium.

There is the nuance of what type of fat, saturated or note.  They both had about the same percentage of their fats as saturated. I'm pretty sure saturated fats are worst type of fats.

There's also the question of whether we are eating in the morning, when carbs are probably more OK rather than at night, when I should probably be staying away from deserts, sugars, and carbs.   But who knows?