Monday, May 19, 2014

My College Daughter, Is she majoring in jitsu?

 As my daughter finished her senior year in high school, she earned her black belt in our blended school of kenpo, kickboxing, and self defense.

At college, she moved right into ju jitsu.  As I understand it, it's Japanese jitsu but with a Canadian and British accent (ie her instructors are from English but now live in Canada).

Whatever the origin, she has now been on a series of jitsu exhibitions and tournaments in Canada and has even spent a week in Scotland (during the summer) at a world jitsu something.

How does her Dad feel about her spending a chunk of her college years learning a new martial art and a very effective one at that?  I'm thrilled.

But then the new question was, how did I feel about her spending the summer working on her jitsu and learning to be instructor?  Well, I guess I feel fine. I'm torn between thinking that she should be more career minded versus recognizing that it's great that she's found something that she is interested in.