Saturday, February 23, 2008

Martial Arts Humor

I found a new blog that I've subscribe to and which will soon (when I open up my template code) make it to my blogroll: Martial Arts Humor Good job whoever you are.

The Martial Arts Humor blog has sight gags (like this one "borrowed" from his site on the right) and wry make-you-think-about-it-yikes-could-that-be-me-? type stuff (below).

Here is a part of apiece of his on Common Martial Art Student Types

1. Question Lad (aka. What-If?). This guy will bring up every possible permutation for every drill that is being worked. Solution: Make him uki.

2. Captain Slacker. Dogs the drills and sucks away the stunning dynamic experience that occurs during every class. ;-) Solution: Make him uki.

3. The Interpreter. Seems to believe that explanations must be altered to so that the masses can understand them. Even when the masses are already doing the drill. Solution: Make him uki.

4. The Whacker. Selflessly and altruistically strives to make each partner drill ultra-"realistic", for his partner's learning benefit. Leaves a wake of bruises, black eyes, and sprains behind him until he tries it on the wrong person. Solution: trade partners frequently, the right one will come along soon.

The analysis keeps going. Read it...

It does open the opportunity for us students type to archetype (gently) out instructors....Stay tuned...


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Anonymous said...

There are only two types of teachers: the right one and the others. If you have one of the others, quickly, go find the right teacher.