Monday, February 18, 2008

Turning 50 - A little artwork to ease my way into the silver years

This blog has a few themes, not all of which have to do with hitting, kicking, or perfecting oneself.

One of the themes is this half-century thing. Like in turning 50.

I was amazed and surprised to get this gift.

I got this most incredible sculpture as a birthday present. It's made by a friend of mine who is also a world class wood sculpture and artist.

My honey gave it to me. I'm thrilled. thanks....

PS - Philippe (the artist) has built three different versions of Educated (the name of this sculpture). Mine is slightly different (and better) than the one pictured here. But the photography from Philip's website is better than any snapshots that we've taken so far.

I cannot imagine how anybody could take light mahogny (inside the books), walnut (the violin), dark walnut (the violin keyboard), and create such a sculpture. There's somehow a lesson about art, beauty and training in here somewhere.

This statue just won an Art Competition in Baltimore. Look at the 4th winner from the bottom to find it.


Anonymous said...

Wow. What a beautiful sculpture. I'm sure that was a great gift. Happy birthday. :o)

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful sculpture. Happy birthday!! I will have to take a look at the website.

Anonymous said...

The art piece is fantabulous! His work is amazing.

Here's hoping 50 is your favorite year yet!