Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Want to co-author this blog?

Would you like to co-author with me? If you train at a Steve Lavallees Black Belt School (it doesn't have to be Ft Lauderdale) and would like to try some writing, then we might have a match. This is a very honory position (as in, there is no compensation) but I can offer you free enrollment in a blog writing course (market value: $99: value to your education and development as a writer: priceless). Other requirements: a personality and writing skills and a willingness for at least two months to post once a week. Other than that, the course will teach you everything you need to know. To apply, you can write in a comment (I moderate all comments so nobody else will see it or your email) or you can email me as john - at - time4learning. Then a period a com (this is to foil spammers who harvest email addresses off the web)

BTW - the real reason to blog is much like the real reason to take karate........White belts welcome.


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Anonymous said...

This is great. I'd love to. I'll speak to you at the dojo 2nite. R u going to MMA 2nite? Does IM-lingo work?