Thursday, February 07, 2008

karate awkwardness

I went to class tonight and I felt awkward. Three reasons.

1. I somehow had grabbed the wrong black gi from the garage. I had my daughters. While it looks just like mine when it's folded up, once I've squeezed into it, it looks ridiculous. Skin tight and short. I went to class anyway.

2. I'm a little out of shape, I have a bruised left knee, I have a big left toe that I can't push off of, and a big right toe that features a broken and swelling big toenail. It's half purple now, it'll fall off in a few months.

3. I've not been to class for a week. Here's the good news. Because I've been off skiing. Which is good but very different exercise.  I'm part of an informal group called: "Broz on Skis" which gets together for a Colorado ski trip most years. It's broz because the heart of it is three pairs of brothers.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I saw you. You looked ridiculous. Which is ok since you usually look great. I think I'll be anonymous.