Sunday, August 31, 2008

Changing my approach to working out

I moved this summer, only about a mile. From Pompano to Coral Ridge (for you locals). One downside of this is that my new neighborhood isn't as good for running. Too much traffic. And frankly, I seem to have lost my enthusiasm for running. It's really felt like a chore lately.

So, I joined LA Fitness on Saturday. The dojo was closed this weekend so Saturday, I did thirty minutes of weights, ten minutes on a heavy bag, and then 15 of cardio on the eliptical. Sunday, a more rapid 25 minutes of weights and 12 of cardio. In the weights, I work in stretching and both abs and backwards situps for my back. Monday (Labor Day), I think I'll do a little indoor run and maybe 2o minutes of swimming laps.

It's a nice change and in some ways, easier to work into the schedule. The problem with running is while it seems fast to do a quick 25 minute 3 miles, it then takes me another half hour to cool down. Also, given the heat, it leaves me wiped out.

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