Tuesday, September 02, 2008

MMA night

Kyoshi Steve Lavallee taught class Friday night, a class of pure MMA. After a quick warm-up, we did some leg kicks (gently) and learned three ways to avoid a leg kick: back-up to out distance it, block with your shin, or lean into it.

We worked the lean into it defense and followed it by a two handed leg grab attack.

Then the kicker, now being attacked by a two legged leg grab, responded with a hip check with a cupped hand on the chin and a grip on the elbow. We'd lean with the hip while pulling on the elbow and sweep him to his back and going into a knee mount. Then, we have the guy in position for a little "pound and ground".

We pushed the sequence a little further. The guy on the bottom (the original kicker) just protects himself. The guy on top, posts both arms over his head and shifts to a full mount. More pound and ground. We also practicee dismounting into a knee mount on either side. And returning.

We ended by adding a submission move. Basically, you put a choke on the guy on the bottom. The steps:
- Put your right hand around his neck and lean down with your head just to the left of his head capturing his right arm in the grip.
- Make a cup with the right hand, saucer with the left. Close the choke with the left hand around the neck.
- To tighten further, which is not always necessary, dismount to the left to a 90 angle maintaining the choke and staying face down. To tighten, push up and forward from your toes till he taps out. Or goes to sleep.

I've missed some of the MMA classes which is frustrating. Also, since it's spaced out, it feels a little too episodic, not enough like a curriculum. I'm hoping that when the MAUI center opens, there'll be more regular MMA classes.



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