Friday, August 15, 2008

Nature versus being a black belt

I came back from the vacations this summer determined to take my cardio, strength, and flexibility training to a new level. I would get up early, I would run, I would stretch twice daily, I would have abs that I was pleased to show off, I'd get comfortable with a lot of pushups, I would get thru sparing without having my arms and legs grow heavy.....

I was determined.....But last week, I started to slide a little. It started with the running. I'm just tired of running. It's repetitive and it's been awhile since I've had a running group or partner. I find that I just don't look forward to going out the way I use to. Plus, I'm tired of getting out of bed when it's so cozy to stay in.

Sunday, I got a little sick. Not quite sure what but the symptons included weakness, stomach, stiffness, and tiredness. So I didn't fight it. I just went with nature and I didn't work out from Saturday through Wednesday. Didn't even stretch. It might not seem like a long layoff but it broke the momentum that I had established for my comeback from the 5 weeks of vacation this summer and the injuries this past spring.

I came back and sparred Thursday night and through luck of the draw, got tired but didn't get massacred. OK, we never get massacred but there are people with whom I feel just terrible when I'm their partner and not up to being the type of partner that I'd like to be. I was lucky in that my last two matches of the night were against guys that I could spar with without really having to exert myself. This mostly means that I could give them a good match by just boxing and moving with little or no kicking (It's the kicking that really burns thru my energy). Which was lucky since there wasn't that much left for me to exert.

So here's my new plan for getting back in shape. Since I'm moving next week (another reason that I'm feeling burned out) and will be close to an LA Fitness, I'll join it and start doing cardio in shiny air conditioned gym comfort instead of out by myself in the muggy Florida weather. And instead of those repetitive pushups in my house, I'll set myself a lifting program at the gym. Maybe that change of venue will give me the lift I need to get where I want to.....



Anonymous said...

I can identify (especially the ideal of early mornings vs the reality of the chill factor and semi-dark)! And thanks for sharing the alternative options. I'm always looking for new ideas or approaches. Sue

Michele said...

I joined a gym a few months ago. My endurance and strength have noticeably improved. I enjoy my time at the gym partly because it is different than karate. For me, the monthly fee keeps me motivated to workout three times a week. Good luck!

Dani said...

cardio in AC doesn't count!! you have to sweat it in the heat and humidity like the rest of us!LOL!

linhuck said...

Hi, Good luck with the gym, but I prefer the cold, rainy, windy running weather of England and the beautiful feeling of hitting a heavy bag in my garage, in the middle of winter. NOT!
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