Sunday, August 10, 2008

Warriors Collide 6

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Forty more days to Warriors Collide 6. There are two fighters going into the ring from our dojo: Melissa & Dan.
Good luck to them both.

Here's the five matches that Coop (Left Hook Productions) has confirmed for the Warriors Collide 6 bouts on September 16th, 2008.

ISKA Florida State Cruiser Weight Title Match
Joe Ray 5-0 FFA vs Andrew Johnson 5-1 Elite Muay Thai

The last title holder was WCL/UFC fighter Crafton "Blaze" Wallace

ISKA Florida Light Welter Weight Title Match
Reigning Champion Carlos Garcia (5-1) defends vs.
ATT Deerfield Caleb Archer (5-2)
Carlos Garcia (article by Sharon Robb on Carlos Garcia)

LaVallee's USABBC Daniel Walsh vs Juan Hernandez Bears Den

Eli Gorlik 1-0 Shihan Moti MMA vs Alan Arzeno 1-0 SFMMA

If any of these fighters have their own websites, myspace profiles, or videos up on YouTube, just email me BBat50 {the at sign} Providing links or emails of pictures would be good too. Or put the link in the comments. I'll update accordingly. Also, I tried to link to the fighters' gyms but I'm guessing so corrections gratefully accepted.

Tickets thru Ticketron.

I just got a question about the rules. I think Warriors Collides uses MMA Oriental Rules. To summarize: it's stand-up kicking boxing wearing light gloves, head gear, and ankle pads. No elbows (except in championship matches). You get points for a take-down but then the ref stands you back up. Knee strikes to the body and kicks to the legs are fine. The bouts are three three minute rounds except for championship matches which are five rounds.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I subscribe to your blog mostly for the Warriors' updates. Can you get me info on what rules they use for their fights?

arncade said...

I want to tell you how much I learn from your blog. I go to Lavalle's dojo in Fort Lauderdale with my daughter and we just love mastering our katas with the assistance of your videos. To be honest, I don't know what we would do without them. Keep up the great work and appreciate the fact that you are helping alot of kohias out here. ose...Arnie (yellow belt) and Rachel (2x tip yellow belt)