Saturday, April 05, 2008

Why do you block?

I just read a great post by Charles Goodin on Why do you Block?
He starts with some commentary on multiple choice questions and then zeros in on his point, there are many ways of blocking depending on what you are trying to do (block and counter vs being purely defensive etc etc). It's a long and good post, I won't try to summarize or paraphrase.

At our dojo, our drills fit into his point that you should being thinking about why you are doing what you're doing. We start with a simple partner punch and block and then we build up to more complex and realistic drills. He points out that if your purpose is just to block the punch, you'll probably just get clobbered by the next one. You should have a purpose that directs your block and provides you a plan for the next few steps.

I really like the way that Charles Goodin talks about blocking and makes em think about it. Having read it, I'll block with more purpose (when I get back on the floor)

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