Saturday, April 26, 2008

More Mixed Martial Arts

The Friday night adults class at our dojo is known as Happy Hour. Monthly, there's a special BBC (black belt champion) Happy Hour when new material is introduced. Last night, we did some new jitsu work including some submission moves. The jitsu techniques appear to be dominating MMA (mixed martial arts) today.

BTW - a few people have told me that I was using too much jargon so I'll try to spell out the acronyms more systematically.

We learned to clinch, a sweep take-down, and two submission moves once you were on the ground. I believe that this is all Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu which Kyoshi (Steve Lavallee) has been learning from Gracie Academy in Miami. The Gracie website has a great history of jiu-jitsu.

The clinch was executed by blocking a jab, approaching with a jab and then clinching. You held with your right hand on the persons tricept, your left arm under the person's arm and up his back.

The take down was by stepping out with the right foot, leaning forward (and the other person back) at the waist, and then with your left leg, sweeping back. The main point on the sweep was to hit behind the opponents knee (to avoid injury) and to do a full high followthrough with your leg going bakc and you leaning forward to counterbalance. Weird. You finish by maintaing your grip on their left hand, going low into a horsestance, and slowly going to your knees. One knee should be on or very close to their body.

Once down, you got down low. Your opponent is on his back. Right now, you are close to his head lying on your chest with your weight on him. The goal is to shift so you can sit up on him. To start, you have one arm behind his neck, the other around him under his far arm. First step, you move your right hand from behind his neck to where you have your right elbow on the ground in his neck on the far side. Your left hand stays across his body but moves lower. Second you shift your lower body from face down to having your on your right side, right leg extended down, left leg bent, With your left hadn, you push his knees towrads you facilitating stepping over him with your left knee. You place it up as high as you can. Your objective is to get your knees under his armpits. His objective his to keep his elbows in and you sitting low on him near the stomach. When you are down there, it's hard to strike his head and easy for him to oompah you off (an oopmah is when you back up and try to throw him off).

Submissions. We learned two. One, grab one of his arms with both hands with both your hands facing the same way and lean on it so you pin the arm down. Two notes: keep your thumbs with your your fingers like a claw, don't put your thumb on the other side of your grip. Two, don't be trying to push his arm down tih your arms. Keep your arms alomst stright and just lean using your weight. Once one of his arms is down, lets say his left, you've got him. Your position now is your sitting on his chest leaning forward to the right with both arms pinning his arm to the ground. You release with your left hand (closest to you), snake it under arm and grip your own right arm. To apply pressuse, you lift up with your right elbow until he taps out.

WARNING - Be sure your training partner understands tapping out. You are applying pressure here which, if you over do it, will break a joint. Easily. You need to apply it slowly and be ready to release. He needs to know that he taps out as soon as he knows that you have found the correct position.

Second submission. From the chest ride, you lean forward and work your right arm under his head and reach under and across until you have finger or so under his armpit. Your head is down low to the left of his. He is holding you off with his right hand. At the right time, you shove his arm out of the way so you can put your head right next to his and you can reach your left bicep with the right hand (the one that was reaching under him). With your left hand, you reach up to his head or your own and then flex your right arms bicep. This will apply pressure to his neck and he'll tap out. Unless he wants his neck broken.

I bet all these moves have names. I'll try to learn them. Anybody?


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