Sunday, April 06, 2008

Black Belt Spectacular

This was (by my count), the third Spectacular in the large, comfortable, professional Parker Playhouse. The chairs comfortable, you can see well from every seat in the house, and the lighting and accoustics are great. It's really a great show.

I have only one picture so far. Congrats to Sylvia & Dawn & Chloe & Joey & Eduardo & Wes & Mr Vince and everyone who got their new belts. This promotion was smaller than our HUGE one in November. And the show was different too. The highlight for me was the XMA team in masks.

Isn't Kyoshi ferocious? One cool thing this show is that it highlighted the difference between muy thai, boxing, mixed martial arts, and jitsui. It's pretty clear to me from my reading, never mind from watching Steve Lavallee, that for pure street fighting, the most reliable way to go is jutsu. I'd like to know ever more about the variety of styles. It would be cool if they would bring in some demos of completely different approaches to keep our education broad.

Isn't Moti amazing? Did you see him kick thru those 40 baseball bats? I think they made a new world record in bat breaking. I hope someone got a video and will put it up. (Note, found it. Here's the info on the new world record in bat breaking). I looked this morning and found an earlier attempt in the UK (linked below). More notes to Kyoshi. Next time, lets have some Louisville Slugger baseball bats on display on the way in and out. I went and found one in my garage today and it feels even more amazing to me when I can see and touch the bats. Also, please tell the kids NOT to go home and try this.

Here a link to a previous attempt at the world record for bat breaking in the UK. I can't seem to get it to embed properly so I'll just link to it. He's a pretty tough guy too.



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