Saturday, April 26, 2008

Coming back is so hard

I sparred for the first time in over a month today. I started out OK holding my own and feeling it come back. I moved well and while slow, I was staying in stance and my footwork and combos were good.

But I finished pathetically. I did 6 or maybe 7 matches, the last four back-to-back. It was too much. I was totally worn out for the last two matches which unfortunately, were against the best two in the dojo (Weeks & Gavin). Since last time I had sparred them, I had been in pretty good shape and sparing form, they didn't expect me to be such a wet noodle. It took them each about half of the match to realize that I was a punching bag. By then, I was a sore punching bag.

Coming back is hard. It's humilating. I even had to ask one to "Ease up" but his body shots were about to make me into a punching bag with a very loud wheeze. I know that there's no reason to be ashamed but then, I didn't make it to be BBat50 without having a lot of pride, high expectations, and a competitive spirit. So excuse me if being pathetic on the floor just ain't my favorite thing. Tomorrow: stretching, situps, kicks, pushups and a 3 mile run. I need to get back in shape.


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