Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Short Three

Short Three is Back!

Here is the updated version of Short Three Kata, Elite Force Style. The change from the Lavallees one as performed by us 2004-12 is the added part at the end.

Kempo Kata - Show right fist in front of your chest
Short Three - Cover right fist with left hand in sign of "chambered weapon" (peace)
Aieesa - step out to the right into horse stance, hands in chamber

Staying in horse stance.....

Right punch forward, left punchforward, right punch forward - tu, tu, aieeesa
Left punch to the right into a hardbow - tu
Right hand punch to the left into a hardbow - tu

Cat stance on the left foot looking to the Right
Chinese elbow block with the right, punch with the left - aieeeesa

Cat stance on the left foot looking to the back (from where we started)

Right backfist high. Tia
Left hand fingers stab high into the eyes (pulling the right hand back into chamber) followed rapidly with Right elbow (slapping it with the left) Tu, Tia
Right backfist high again followed rapidly with Hammer fist low (groin)
(left hand has been in chamber since the elbow)

Turn to the right (this part is like the release from a cross-over wrist grab)Right hand re-grab and lift up slowly while you push down with the left
Left elbow to the left (temple) sideways, then elbow onto the back downwards, double punch down - Tia

Step back with the right leg so the legs are together and the hands held as if in cat stance and we're facing to the left of where we started.

Look to the right and right chop forward, sidekick with the right leg finishing in a horsestance and pulling hands back into chamber - keiaa
Step forward with the right foot with the hands close together as if pushing at the waist with a little exhale.
Pull your weight back for a half-beat and then dramatically step into a full hard bow (right foot forward) with a double punch. Aieeeesaaaa

Step forward with the left so that you are facing forward and up into an X block up with fists (legs are shoulder-width). Double kidney punch (fisted hands quickly pulling out of X block into inward hammerfists just above the waist). (is this a horsestance or legs at shoulder width?)
Reach up with the right hand to grab (pulling left hand into chamber) , open hand punch upwith the left hand.

Step back with the right into a horsestance doing a left downward block.
Jump front kick forward first throwing the right foot up then kicking with the left following it with a knee drop punch - Right hand is out, right knee is down, left hand is in chamber, left knee is up.

Circle set, fist/hand, bow, right - all going to the right!

Details to Remember - Important

Stances - When you turn to face the back of the room, you are in a cat stance.
At right backfist high, you go into a horsestance.
You go to a hardbow with the left hand fingers stab high into the eyes (pulling the right hand back into chamber).
Then return to horstance for right elbow, right backfist high, Hammer fist low (groin).
When you turn to your right for regrab, push, elbow, elbow, you are still in a horsetance.

Breathing - There is a a keia on the third punch in the beginning (apparently, this is a change from an earlier version of short three). There is no keia again until the left punch chinese elbow.

The jump kick and knee drop punch at the end - Remember to finish the jump front kick before starting the knee drop punch. And don't travel. If you can do the jump and kick without moving forward, it's better.


wedavid said...

Nice web site. I trained at LaVallee's for several years; here are some historical and current Lavallee's katas that I wrote up as I came up through the ranks.


BBat50 said...

Wedavid. Thanks. Your write-ups are more direct and simpler than mine.

ronsan60 said...

Interesting Short 3. It has been changed much since the days when I learned it. At least there is a still a version of it being taught. We don't teach it at all at Iannuzzo's any more. I still practice it as I do all the Kata's I learn. I don't have a good camcorder now but I have been thinking of getting one. When I do I will put up some of the old Lavallee's Katas for history's sake. Keep on Kicking!