Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Karate Videos Online

First, a YouTube playlist of Lavallee students & sensei performing. Edward Mercer performs in a number of them. My favorite part is the second half of the Mercer 3rd degree black belt YouTube video which is the sparring.

The YouTube playlist has on it:
3rd Degree Black Belt Test -10 minutes
Kids and Karate - Clay dojo - 4 minutes. At 1:20 (time code), there's the white belt appreciation form. At 1:38, six count kicking. At 1:45, long one. At 2:40, three count kicking. At 3:25, there's short two (with one additional flip at the end.)
FORM: DS 1 FORM DS 1 (created by Daniel Sterling), performed by Master Ron Sell. 2 minutes
Arby's Karate Demo
plus more.
A video of my sparing for my black belt test is on the bottom of that article.
Videos by kata

Virtually all the kata now have descriptions and videos!!! Enjoy.
Wow your friends in class...

White belt appreciation form
Short one - coming soon
Long One - Kids and Karate Timecode 1:45
Short Two - Kids and Karate Timecode 3:25 (admire but don't attempt the flip at the end)
Bookset - coming soon
Chuck form one has embedded video of Melissa. (thanks Agnes)
Kama set has embedded video of Melissa. (thanks Agnes)
Six count kicking - Kids and Karate Timecode 1:38
Eight Count Kicking - coming soon
Ten Count Kicking - The kicks are not so pretty but he does seem be enjoying himself. And he has gotten better since this was filmed (I hope).
Three Count Kicking - Kids and Karate Timecode 2:40
Two Count Basics

Other plans are to add some stills that illustrate some of the basics such as:
cat stance
knee drop punch
- anybody have good photos to contribute? Videos?
Here is a how to on chuck form one by miss stefanie...

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