Friday, October 12, 2007

Candidate Class & Run

It's a crisp Friday night: it must be time for a candidate class and run.Ready to Run
Candidate Group Picture: Mr L, Jay, Agnes, Scott, Kathy, me (John), & Tammy (it's not all the candidates. I know. Thanks for pointing it out).

Time to Start: Master KC Lavallee giving us some motivation.


All Smiles: Agnes & Jennifer(who is leading the class as she earns her third degree) have alot to smile about. Morgan seems to have even more to smile about.

And they're off: At the head of the pack: Lorenzo, Kathy, and Agnes. Followed by Jennifer & me. This is at the start of the run before Kathy disappears way ahead.

Trucking along: Jennifer & John hanging in there.

Younger Talents: Candidate Le & Robbie, her 2nd degree black belt brother

Next Friday: Big black belt check on our bugo kumite! Bugo kum Ite!

And yes, I know that these pictures and captions aren't lining up. But I don't have time to fiddle, I need to go stretch......

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