Tuesday, August 29, 2006

XMA Form 1

(the video, featuring some juniors, is at the bottom of the page)

Stand with the legs together, hands at your side. A little attitude helps here.
Kata. Kata

XMA Form one, XMA Form one.

Step back with your right leg so that you face sideways while continuing to look forward (now over your left shoulder). Legs shoulder width apart. Arms stiff slightly out from the side. Here you need ALOT of attitude.

Right foot steps forward so we're facing forward, legs apart, X block up, looking up.
Then slowly curl the fingers and move arms into a slow double block down.

Now Look left and add a double-helping of attitude.

Step forward to the left while chopping left in a reverse hard bow, then punch left with the right hand into a regular hard bow.

Now do the same to the other side: Stay in the hardbow left, chop right, punch right with the left hand shifting to a hard bow.

Left foot forward, punch forward.

Bring legs together facing Left. But look forward (over right shoulder) and Push down with your right hand.

Right side kick forward, plant the foot next to the other one.
Spin left around 360 and then left chop forward, right punch in hard bow.

Front right kick, another 360 spin, left chop forward, right punch, fall to one knee.

Stand, X block up, double block down.

Put the right elbow down into the back of the open left hand while lowering the body a little: XMA form one.



Anonymous said...

The XMA Form 1 video isn't working.
Keep up the good work, the videos in particular are an invalubale resource!

Mike R. said...

Excellent! I would never be able to practice this without these videos.