Monday, August 14, 2006

Eight Count Kicking

Taisha - Position
Class - Position

Taisha - Hands up
Class - Hands up - pull them both up in guard, legs together...

One - Right front kick - tia
Two - Left front kick - tia

Three - right side kick to the right - tia
Four - left side kick to the left - tia

Five - double right roundhouse low, high - tu, tia
Six - double left roundhouse low, high - tu, tia

Seven - heel kick, round house right - tu, tia
Eight - same to the left - tu, tia
Note - a heal cick starts as a side kick but ends with a backwards swing hitting with the heel. The roundhouse follows directly so the leg stays in the air.

Punch both hands down forward into Position,

Wait for taisho,

Then "thank you sir" going into relaxed stance.

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