Friday, December 18, 2009

The Year Ends, The Adventure Expands

Readers may remember that my introduction to the martial arts was from watching my son as the smallest of the little champions around June 2003. My son would have been just four years old ( would have been 45). This past week, my now ten-year old son, took his first Candidate class with me. What an adventure this is turning out to be.

We are both candidates in cycle for black belts: me for my second, his for his first. He is, in my objective opinion, a formidable candidate: motivated, skilled, strong, and with great cardio. He placed second in the last two mile run with a 14:14 time. Although he was surprised by the pace and intensity of his first candidiate class, he hung in there and seemed to be on top of the kata. I remember my first candidate class when I pretty much crumbled in the face of so many pushups and situps and was having a real hard time remembering so many kata so fast.

This candidate cycle should be an adventure. Two phrases that I remember as the best motivational advice came to mind.

One comes from my father and reflects it own enthusiasm for life: "This is a once in a lifetime experience. Pay attention and enjoy it."

The other line came from a summer camp that I attended, Androscoggin, and was often repeated by my elder brother during our school years: "The more you put into it, the more you get out of it."

I just got back from a week off when I rested and ate and did no exercise. How dull. Looking forward, I intend to train myself up so I can whip through those candidate classes. With any luck, they'll keep me in cycle past May and August and I get to train with my son until November!



Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how quickly they grow up? How quickly it all goes? I like your attitude. It helps mine. Keep writing....

Steve said...

Did I really keep telling that? That sound pretty brainwashed of me.

Le Plus Grand Munga

m.a.l.s. said...

Does your school place any age restrictions on black belt rank? Our Ryukyu Kenpo GM won't grant anyone under 18 a BB. He even made his own son spend 3 years as a brown belt. He's the only one I personally know with that age requirement but I imagine there are other schools with similar ones.