Saturday, January 09, 2010

A total change of pace - My first car....

Triumph Vitesse

I learned to drive in my Dad's car.

This picture is me at age 16 in 1974. The red head next to me is my elder brother.

What was the first or best or worst car you ever drove?

And I'm posting this picture because...well, I like it and I've had a little writers block lately.

The news from the dojo is all good. Candidate class was great today. We worked bo and chuck forms.

Also, we continued to work our basics including an extension of our basics into (for me) a new area: Combat Kenpo.  My next post, hopefully, will have a video of its basics and a description.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the pic! AND the car! My best and worst car was my first one - - a Plymouth Turismo, which was all mine...for about three months. Until I completely totaled it. ((sigh)) p.s. I've become a MUCH better driver since then...