Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Pace Picks Up for Years End

I've neglected the blog lately. I've been busy. Here's my news:

My son, after years as a little champ and then with a few delays going through the ranks, earned his high red belt yesterday. He's now officially a Candidate. Looking forward for him, he'll only be watching or demoing at those Wednesday night tests. He's enjoyed his last one. Looking forward, he's got the skills to be black belt: he runs well, he knows the kata, he's good at sparing, and has good concentration and intensity. He just needs to pick up the intensity for awhile. And somehow work around family vacation schedules. I too am in cycle. I'm thrilled. And busy scheming to see if I can work it so we finish our cycles together.

I found another great YouTube video of KamaSet so I'll add this to the post on Kamaset, I'm including it here too.

Last night was testing. My son went to high red, my step daughter earned her green. And the Fingados are now red! I performed on the demo team. Agnes and I rocked with the bo form. We worked to stay exactly in sync and we think we nailed it!

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