Monday, October 06, 2008

Melissa Halley Warriors Collide 6

I found the videos on YouTube of Melissa Halley's muy thai debut at Warriors Collide 6 from last month. WOW! On video, it's really clear how much she dominated Savannah.

Weight class 135: Melissa Haley USABBC beat. Savannah Cavin Inferno MMA (previously 1-2) in an unanimous decision.

PreFight Montage of Melissa

PS - At the end of the montage, notice the really cool timing of the drum beats on Melissa's two jabs followed by te, te, te timed to a jab, cross, hook. Very cool.

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

thanks to egoose2000 for posting them (who is egoose2000?)

I'd really like to see the videos of Daniel Walsh's fight (he is also from Lavallees USABBC dojo on Commercial Blvd. I did find on Youtube, from the same night, the video of Brandon Akers VS Dario Camuzzi.


Anonymous said...

Great videos.

Anonymous said...

Daniel Walsh fought a great fight against Juan Hernandez. Daniel looked great and Juan showed a lot of heart in the fight. Im not sure if their is video on the fight but it would be a great add on to the site.