Thursday, October 02, 2008

MMA take down defense this week

The last week of classes have taught us how to respond when people try to take you down with a two leg takedown tackle. I wish I had video but the choices are to:
- turn into a sideways horsestance so one leg is unreachable. Then down elbow on their lowered back. Game over.
- stay straight on but drop into a near horsestance while getting one arm around their throat in a guillotine choke and pulling up on your wrist with the other arm. If properly done, the attacker goes nighty-night quick.
- sprawl your legs out and put your weight into him, pushing his head down. As he charges, hop backward keeping your legs out of reach. As the charge ends, knee hard up to his head or chest.

We also learned how to deal with an attempted grab from the front into a bear hug. You turn mostly sideways hip checking the attacked while grabbing him 50-50 (one arm around his back, the other gripping his bicept).

At Friday night MMA happy hour, Kyoshi taught how, if they do get the two leg take down, how to roll down into it and lock your legs around the attacked while controlling his head. When he pulls back, you push and get your legs onto his hips to push him up while standing up properly.

I liked the lessons since they had a real-world feel to me in that the oukis charged in instead of just grabbing us as we stood still. Since I don't have video, I looked for and found a discussion of this online. Found it at DefendU (isn't the web amazing! It took me about a minute).

Other news: I hurt my back again but, I think I know why. Both times, it came early in a week after I visited the gym on Sunday and Monday for swimming and eliptical. One of those two activities is leaving my back vulnerable (sore or tired).

And my eldest daughter is turning 15. I think 15 is the new 16. I don't like it. Why can't she just keep being a happy little girl?

Lastly, I bought a bunch of fight books and have rented some videos recently (ie redbelt). Stay tuned....


Nathan at TDA Training said...

Very important skill, to be sure, as a takedown in an unpadded, uncontrolled environment could be deadly.

Anonymous said...

Hi, from Australia. I love reading about the challenges of martial arts over 50, and how you meet them.

Anonymous said...

tried to look it up on YouTube to see exactly what you are writing about but couldn't find anything. cos' you make it sound so exciting.

hope you r feeling better, how's the back now?

buy the way ill be glad if you could contact me.

Anonymous said...

Nice addition to the normal curriculum! These kinds of scenarios can get left behind sometimes.