Thursday, October 16, 2008

Melissa Haley Rocks!

Melissa Haley was one of the stars of Warriors Collide 6. Arguably, she was the star.

I posted a link to her videos last week. Then, her mom (who is a photographer) emailed me with an offer for some better photos.

Here they are. And congratulation to Mom Halley. As a parent, can you share your parenting secrets with me. Melissa rocks!

On a personal note, I'm back with ice packs and pain killers. Durn back. Had another good week and then on Tuesday night of this week, in class, the back went again. Not as bad this time but I'm skipping class tonight and have not been able to stretch. Maybe I shouldn't have agreed to play an hour of pickup soccer last weekend (I just can't resist a nice day, a grassy field, a bunch of foreigners speaking different languages, and an invitation to make the sides even.)

And on Wednesday testing, my daughter earned her purple belt with her friend Nina (pictures to follow). From now on, my daughter is in the same class with me! How weird will that be?

PS - Haley has only one L (i was just corrected by Jennifer - thanks)

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