Saturday, September 13, 2008

Warriors Collide 6 - Results

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Last night, Warriors Collide 6. It was great. And I quote KC's email:

Daniel Walsh and Melissa Haley kicked BUTT last night at the Warriors Collide! The both had matches that went the full 3 rounds. It was such a proud moment for all of us. The support team on the sidelines and the number of LaVallee's shirts that were walking around was so cool This was Daniel's and Melissa's first time in the ring and they shined. Congratulations to both of them!!!

Mr Dan's - Daniel Walsh - fight was about the sixth on the card. He fought in the 152 weight class debuting against Juan Hernandez of Bears Den MMA. This was Juan's third trip into the ring. Juan stayed in the ring with Mr Dan all three rounds but Dan out-matched him. Great tough fight. Dan had more technique, good combinations, poise and cardio; Juan held his own, stood up well against a lot of combinations and delivered some punches with zing.

The other Lavallee fighter was Miss Melissa Haley (Sensei Haley's wife). It was her first time in the ring and she was up against Savannah Cavin of Inferno MMA in the 134 weight class. She triumphed also also showing superior technique across the board. She chased her opponent around the ring for three rounds. Her technique and combinations were straight out of a the textbook. Sharon Robbs Sun Sentinel article features her specifically and the growth of women in MMA generally.

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Youtube video of Brandon Akers VS Dario Camuzzi

RESULTS (I didn't get them all. If you can help complete this, please add it to the comments or just email me)
150: Bruce Lutchmedial ATT Wolfpack 5-0 dec. Alex Caceres Young Tigers 2-2, unanimous;
Denis Hernandez FFA 3-1 dec. Steven Chin South Florida MMA 2-1, unanimous;
190: Mike Delapava Carrolls MMA 0-1 def. Dario Comuzzi , TKO, second; (he was taken out by a shot to the knee which ended the match) - Anybody know the rules or have a view here?
162: Raul Irizarry Inferno MMA 1-0 def. Jarrod Arndt MHMMA 1-0,
Daniel Walsh USABBC debut dec. Juan Hernandez Bears Den MMA 0-2, unanimous;
149: Shani Frazier ATT Wolfpack debut dec. Luz Guiterrez UMAA debut, split;
Raul Irizarry Inferno MMA 1-0 def. Jarrod Arndt MHMMA 1-0, TKO, third;
170-185 grappling: Aloan Herrera dec. Matt Modist ATT Fort Lauderdale, 4-0;
125: Tecia Torres of Wing Lung MMA debut def. Alysia Afonso of xtreme martial arts 0-2, TKO, first
212+: ? Alister Wilson 2-1 Mejiro Gym vs
135: Melissa Haley debut USABBC dec. Savannah Cavin Inferno MMA 1-2, unanimous
212: Nick Hruda EMFT debut def. Jerry Daniels, TKO, third;
185: Alan Arzeno SFLMMA 1-0 def. Eli Zen MHMMA 1-0,
Super heavyweight:
Alister Wilson Mejiro Gym 2-1 def. Adonis Avington, TKO, third.

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Anonymous said...

Melissa and Mr Dan Rock! They each looked tough just entering the ring. So ripped!!! They came out swinging. Both showed technique and used combinations. Strong endurance. Good defense. Both were very effective setting up devastating knees to the body. Both had worthy opponents who were outclassed by USABBC. Rock on Lavallees!