Friday, September 12, 2008

Warriors Collide 6 - this weekend!

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Good luck Melissa and Dan. I'll be there rooting for you. It's almost game day. In front of everyone. While I've never been in the ring, I think the rules for preparing for the big game in sports is pretty much the same from sport to sport.

1. Be thoroughly trained and focused. This is a multiyear process culminating on game day. Saturday in this case. I've seen you train and you should be confident that you've done it.

2. Channel your energy and nervousness into alertness and intensity.

Then, there are the really hard questions.
- Do you start by being careful and feeling the other person out?
- Do you come out swinging?

Me, I'd listen to Kyoshi and try to do exactly what he says.

Coop sent out a video from the Sun Sentinel site with Larry Borden of Left Hook Productions giving the highlights. And here are some last minute pictures from Coop of previous Warriors Collides. I'll see you all Saturday night.

Here's what I know about the Card:

ISKA Florida State Cruiser Weight Title Match
Joe Ray 5-0 FFA vs Andrew Johnson 5-1 Elite Muay Thai

The last title holder was WCL/UFC fighter Crafton "Blaze" Wallace

ISKA Florida Light Welter Weight Title Match
Reigning Champion Carlos Garcia (5-1) defends vs.
ATT Deerfield Caleb Archer (5-2)
Carlos Garcia (article by Sharon Robb on Carlos Garcia)

LaVallee's USABBC Daniel Walsh vs Juan Hernandez Bears Den

Eli Gorlik 1-0 Shihan Moti MMA vs Alan Arzeno 1-0 SFMMA


If you take any decent pictures or post the videos, put a comment on this blog and I'll list it for everyone. Pictures you can email to me:

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