Monday, September 15, 2008

Bo Form has been updated

A few quick thoughts:

I took the late (8:30 pm) class tonight. When I walked in, Mr Mike Galindo was practicing with a bo. So he performed the American Bo Form for me. Slow and perfect. Check it out on the Bo Form post.

Left Hook productions just put up a comprehensive list of the results from Saturday. They also explained that there were a few no-shows. My list of Warrior Collides 6 results was incomplete (but better than the Sun Sentinels).
Tonight, half the electricity was off in the dojo. Lights were on, air conditioning was off. It was hot in the dojo. I liked it. I wasn't the only one who sweated for a changed. KC had one of better quips to keep it in perspective: "No AC - it's old school style tonight"

It was my first time back in 16 days. I felt fine. I felt great. I kept up easily. What a relief and pleasure.

I'd like more comments and emails please. If you are not used to reading blogs, here's the etiquette. If you enjoy reading it, write a comment. Simple comments like: "I read your blog today" or "I read your blog and if you would like to take grammar or photography lessons, I could help you out". That way, I don't have to keep checking the stats to see if anybody is reading it. BTW, over the last month, I'm averaging a little over two dozen readers each day (around 200 per week). Mostly from New York and Florida plus a surprising number from Los Angeles and Europe. Europeans, why are you reading this blog????

I'm still looking for better pictures from the Warriors Collide this past weekend. When I was there, I was astounded that I was recognized and approached several times by people who read this blog. Once by a sensei who was down from New York. It's strange making the transition from this being a private diary to being somewhat visible within the Lavallees community. I'll try to watch my grammar and my jokes. Which does NOT lead my into my last point for tonight which is a general health note. If you are under 40, please stop reading here.

One of this blog's themes is being fifty years of age. At 50, guys should have certain medical screening measures performed. I had one performed this morning (a colonoscopy if you must know). Private and squeemish though I am, I feel that I should evangelize a little. I've read that the second largest reason for dying from cancer in the US is colon cancer which is particularly tragic since it is so easily preventable. If you are 50, get your ass in to see the appropriate doctor (pun intended) and have them check out (and cut out) your polyps. It's funnier and less of a big deal than you might imagine. The days of prep are ... annoying... but the procedure itself is simpler than a dental visit. I had it done at 11:30 and was in class at 8:30. BTW, in postop, there was a nurse taking care of me who looked very familiar. Turns out Linda (her name) is also a Lavallee's black belt.

BTW, if you google colonoscopy jokes, you'll find 181,000 references. Many of them are very very funny. My favorites from this list of jokes are 3, 8, 9, and 13.


Dani said...

Great to see you back in class! The updated Bo video of Mr. Galindo is great; I will be watching it often since it shows all the details that I need to work on for my 2nd degree.

As for the "procedure", my father is a 20 year survivor of colon cancer; luckily his was caught early enough, but regular screening is the best "medicine".


Michele said...

I enjoy your blog and stop by often. Thank you for the great posts!

Anonymous said...

I'm a regular reader, but I would certainly never be rude enough to criticize anyone's grammar. ;-) (Having had a similar medical procedure, I mostly relate to joke #11.)

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog. As for the dreaded colonoscopy, men and women should get them done. My cousin passed away this year at 53. She had colon cancer