Friday, August 04, 2023

A Boxing Gym in Paris! Fav part of trip for me

 My wife likes to travel and wants to do it as a couple. I like to work out. Can we get organized to make both of us happy? I had a little success with this on our time in Paris but frankly, if I'd been more organized, I could have figured this out my first day there and worked out all week instead of just the last two days.

I found the Boxium. It was a 90 second walk from the apartment we were renting. It was as intense and chic a personal training facility and I've ever seen. And, considering what it was, reasonably priced.

Check out this three tone leather heavy big. I'm used to a beat-up no frills set of bags, this was not like that at all.  The bags were real leather and embossed. The bike and treadmill were gorgeous wood designs, custom made in German (I wish I had more pictures).

And while hitting pads is always great, it's even more fun in a ring where I need to work situational awareness to stay out of the corners. I particularly liked the additional intellectual challenge of doing the workout in French (where I can hold my own).
There are a lot of good trainers out there who are motivational but this guy, Arthur, is another level up. He's a competitive boxer and MMA fighter and a spectacular trainer.  
The Boxium club belongs to Souleymane Cissokho, who according to Wikipedia, is is a Senegal-born French professional boxer. As an amateur he won a bronze medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics. He is a light middle weight and professionally: 16-0!

OK. For you true exercise nerds (like me): the warmup and training routines were both different and similar to what I'm use to. Basically, just a variation but it was interesting. I made some notes, here's what I remember.

  • On back, knees to one side, fetal position. Open arm up quickly to other side watching moving hand. Return it quickly. 10x 
  • On back, feet flat on floor, raise hips 10x. Hold one leg straight in air, raise hips 10x. Switch legs. Finish holding up for 10 count 
  • Push-up. Up dog to down dog. Fast, like push-up speed. 10x 
  • Push up position: Touch opposite shoulder with alternating hands 10x. Body still. 
  • Push up position:  Touch opposite knee with alternating hands 10x. 
  • Push up position: Touch opposite foot with alternating hands 10x. 
  • 10 push-ups. Hold in plank for10 seconds. 
  • Massage gun gun gun gun to relax shoulders

  • Sit on low stool (or squat), come up with a cross into pads. Switching sides. 10x -. Repeat with uppercuts
  • Sparing by round
    • I’m on offense, only hit shoulders.
    • I defend, he's only attacking shoulders
    • I'm on offense, I only hit stomach & shoulders
    • I defend, he can only hit stomach & shoulders 
    • Same drill on offense but he can counter, only directly from a strike. No combos
    • Same drill but I'm on defense and able to counter 
    • One round, full speed but light for a round, shoulders and body
 Want to reach my trainer?  He's a heavy-weight.

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