Friday, August 25, 2023

9 Rounds: my new main gym

 My concept of fit at this point focuses on agility, flexibility, some cardio, and some strength.  Most important, it's gotta be fun and keep me healthy.   And no injuries.  

So my mix of workouts includes some yoga, some gym, and some swimming. They are good but a little dull. Lots of ping pong which is great. I'll post on that soon too.  A tiny bit of tennis (not too much since it is too likely to produce injuries given the arthritic feet and funky back that I carry around) and some cross fit. 

But at this point, my main work out is the 9 Rounds: boxing-themed circuit training.  Fun and flexible. (If you're interested, give them a call. Tell JP I sent you)

9 Rounds is boxing themed circuit training which is mid point between working by yourself and with a trainer.  For those of us who want it, there's lots of flexibility to repeat stations, do extra stretching, and repeat exercises.
I think the speed bags are tons of fun. Almost like juggling (another way that I exercise).

I particularly like hitting pads although a full round at full intensity is fully exhausting.

Sometimes we pair off and do drills together. Here is Wonder Woman and Super Boy doing some kicking (they do these drills at some length and can pick up the intensity pretty high!).

Give JP a call.  (954) 626-0780

Location: It's on Federal Highway just where it joins with Sunrise Blvd (as I drive south) on the right hand side. Give JP a call.  (954) 626-0780. 

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