Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Rehab PostOp following the New Hip

On December 11th, I had a new hip installed.  For two weeks, I had a rehab PT guy come to my house and show me the basics.

When I visited by doctor, he said that rehab for "people in my category" (I assume he meant pretty young and healthy and aggressive about getting back in shape), there's no data that demonstrates attending formal rehab improves outcomes over not attending. So I opted not to attend.

My major focus now is not hurting my hip as it solidifies and on getting back in shape. My measurement of being in shape is reducing my horrific belly and weight (I saw 215 a number of times on the scale in December).

My goal simply is to lose a pound a week until my birthday so that I'm under 200 at the start of March.

Here's my tracking.

BTW, I read all the articles about how hard it is to exercise away weight and that weight, at my age, is lost by controlling diet, nothing else. So I'm doing both.

Exercise: Lots of swimming (but only kicking a little. I use a pool buoy between  my legs to keep me from over doing anything with my legs). Some weights a few times a week. And today I introduced walking. I walked for over a mile and only made it 2.3 miles. I guess I need to pick up the pace. I think a 3 mile/hour pace is appropriate for exercise.

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