Monday, April 25, 2011

BBat50 is on the comeback trail!

I'm determined to get back in top shape. Recently, I've become a little heavy and am regularly having trouble keeping up in class. It's time to reverse the tend of the last six months and get back in fighting shape.  Here's what happened followed by what I'm going to do about  it.

What happened? At this time last year, I was finishing cycle for my second degree which meant that I was in great shape. I ran an under 14 minute two mile and was ready to happily spar with anyone.  Following that, I had to readjust my time trying to catch up with some family and work commitments.  Also, I had some ailments so I backed off pushups since my shoulder ached.  Fast forward to October when I signed up for ten week late Monday night jistu class. While cool, it interfered with my training schedule. I skipped the Monday class and the jistu class was no aerobically intense. And since it kept me out late, I tended to start missing Tuesday as well. In December, my back problems got worse and everytime I ran, I pulled my right calf muscle. Something about my hips being out of alignment.  And this is pretty much how things stood all last quarter except there were more back problems, some travel, some illness, and lots of work.

So, May 2010, I was a 33" waist and 189 pounds. Today I'm around 200 and having trouble fitting in 34's,this is  not good.

Starting Friday, I try to work out everyday. I'm cutting way back on chiropractor visits since they consume time and seem to be too much of a short-term fix. I'll try just stretching and exercising through it. if that doesn't work, I'll go visit an orthopedist and get his view. I'll also try to make it to a yoga class or two each week.   On some days, I'll try to even work out twice. Today for instnace, I made it to the gym in the morning and should make a 5 pm class. To avoid overdoing it, I just did a little cardio this morning and did muscle groups that won't leave me too sore for class (pulls, stretches, a little eliptical).  Another way to get more time is stop trying to get to the office at 8. I can work out in the morning and come in at 9 and that'll probably work fine.

So, BBat50 is back trying to get back at 190 by the end of the quarter. More importantly, I want to get in shape so that I can enjoy bugo again and stop huffing my way pathetically through it.  June is particularly hard since there is lots of travel.


BBat50 said...

I got this email today:

Hello sir!
My name is Paul and I'm a new orange belt. I'm 47 and HOPE to achieve black belt by 50-51.

Paul's iPhone

Welcome Paul. Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride. Feel free to comment directly on the blog.

BBat50 said...

Congratulations. You’re on the same track that I was on, give or take one year. Except that I didn’t really aspire to be a black belt until I got to red.

Until then, I had lesser goals. I had started with the goal of learning to do a cool side kick and to get more flexible. Then, I wanted to see what it was like to spar which carried me until about green. Then I got really into katas. By then, I was red and the idea of becoming a black belt became exciting.