Tuesday, March 08, 2011

New Instructional Videos

Mr Vince kindly volunteered to help do some new instructional videos for Bookset kata and kama set.  Apparently, he's better getting requests to have slower more instructional videos than the ones currently posted (which are a little fast:

Kamaset Slow Instructional Video

Kamaset Full Speed Video

Bookset Kata Origins.

I had this interesting discussion about Jen's demo of Bookset on YouTube, I thought that I'd bring it over here.  Look below the vid of Jen...

Very good form, it is much differant than the original bookset. its much shorter.But just to correct you this is a kenpo style kata.Steve Lavallee trained under Lee Thompson which is tracey style kenpo.
kls68 1 year ago
Thanks. You appear to be a true old-timer.

I thought I had heard Kyoshi talk about bookset as derived from the Chinese boxing. He mentioned which type exactly but I can't remember. Would the original Kenpo guys have brought it in or do I have it all wrong?
BBat50 1 year ago
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Cancel orPost or Create a video response Yes , your correct about James Wing Woo

introducing this form. I havent read about them in years thank you for your correction and i didnt take it as criticism. I train in a more traditional style of tracys kenpo and a more original form of bookset,tiger and crane and kenpo two man also known - 2 man tam tui ect.
kls68 1 year ago
James Wing Woo taught the form to Ed Parker. It was to be used in the book they were writing together, hence the name "Book Set." The Tracy System still teaches it. However, the kata shown here is not the Bookset that Woo taught to Parker or that the Tracy's still teach.

Don't take that as criticism. The kata shown here is very crisp, very well done, but definitely modified at some point.
kenpohop 1 year ago
KYOSHI would know better than i would but i believe william chow introduced it to the u.s. through ed parker and his first students the tracy brothers. al,will and jim tracy who then started the tracy system.

they are listed as first generation black belts under ed parker.
kls68 1 year ago
amazing! we do this kata at my school (: i train under Sensei Boyer in Alabama, he trains under Kyoshi though :D i would love to go to that school one day
matthowell14 1 year ago

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