Thursday, May 27, 2010

Long Two Kata

We are learning a new kata, Long Two is now back in the curriculum. Flash update, look below the video and I'm trying to describe it.  Long Two as performed by Mr. Mike Galindo at the NTC of Lavallees Karate School in Ft Lauderdale.

Start - Bow in, right step forward, right inward block, chop, left open hand punch, right side fist.
Left step forward, left inward block, chop, right open hand punch, left side fist.

In a continuous motion, turn head to left, step with left to left, put hands into cat stance pose, then to the left, outward block with the left hand, punch with the right. Left corkscrew punch (the punch is forward and twisting, not a big hook shot), right punch, pull back from the hard bow with the left leg to where the legs are in a cat stance and then front kick with the left leg while left side fist punch.

Reverse: As the punch & kick finish, transfer head around 180 degrees while taking a small adjustment step with the right foot. The hands come together briefly in the cat stance pose then to the right, outward block with the right hand, punch with the left. Right corkscrew punch, left punch pull back the front right leg, front right kick and right side punch. (time 0:17 seconds for those watching the clock on the video).

Spin to the left moving left foot enough to the left so you are facing back-left on the 45 in a horse stance.  Left downward block, right inward block.Hard bow left punching right, left hand above head. Horse stance, starting left open hand rolling back fist, right rolling back fist, pause, left roll back fist, right roll back fist.

Spin to the right moving right foot to right so you are facing front left on the 45 in horse stance. Right downward block, left inward block.  Hard bow right punch left. Horse stance. left open rolling back fist, right back fist, pause, left right. (time 0:25)

Step back with right foot so you turn 180 to face back right on 45, horse stance. Left downward block  into hard bow.  Left corkscrew punch. Right punch.  Kick forward right stepping forward while forward punch with left, finishing with right side fist into horsestance. (time 0:28)

Step right turning 90 so you're facing forward right on 45, horsestance with right downward block, right horsescrew punch, left punch.  Right punch while kicking left, then left side fist finishing in horsestance. (0:31)


ronsan60 said...

Very good. That is the longer version I learned in 1983-84. The one I do now is almost the same. The rolling backfists we taken out sometime in 84-85 before it was taken out. We do not use the Kata at all at Iannuzzo's. So when I practice it I think I will add the rolling backfists back in thanks. I am glad to see back!

Tampa Kickboxing said...

Useful video. I don't more about Long Two kata. Good thing I find a good video about it here in your blog. Keep me posted.

Agnes said...

I am so grateful for your blog! Since my attendance hasn't been that good lately, I solely relied on your video to learn long two kata. THANK YOU!

Corbet National Park said...

I check your blog once in a while and always find interesting reading!

. said...

Great kata! I've found that watching vidoes of kata is a really great way for me to get past that first learning step of remembering what to put where! Once i've got that I can then go on to worrying about getting the form right without panicking about what's coming next. I've taken to getting my Sensai to perform the kata I need next so I can video it and watch it back to start to take it in. The wonders of modern technology! LOL.

Hunter said...

I am preparing for my black belt show and I've seen the black belts doing the shorter version and I wanted to learn it so I came here.
By the way the show is on August 8th.